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Last Updated: Monday, 20 December, 2004, 18:03 GMT
Arrests in online drugs operation
The internet has become the "street corner" for drug users
A total of 22 people have been arrested nationwide on suspicion of buying class A drugs over the internet.

The National Crime Squad (NCS) has targeted those suspected of being involved in buying the drug 2-CI online, in Operation Ismene.

It followed the death of a man in the US from a drug overdose.

He bought 2-CI from a website registered in Las Vegas by a man believed to have customers in the UK, the NCS said.

Arrests were made in 15 counties across England.

Avon & Somerset 1
Cheshire 1
Derbyshire 1
Greater Manchester 3
Hertfordshire 1
Kent 3
Leicestershire 3
Northamptonshire 1
Staffordshire 1
Warwickshire 1
West Midlands 3
County Durham 1
Suffolk 1
Worcestershire 1
The drug 2-CI comes in a powder format and can be divided into doses of varying strengths and effects. It can be mixed with liquid and swallowed, placed on blotting paper or included in capsule or tablet format.

Parcels containing the drug were being imported into the UK using various courier services, the NCS said

NCS Deputy Director General Jim Gamble said: "The internet has become the street corner for many drug users.

"By working in partnership with the DEA, the Crime Squad and police forces throughout the country have been able to arrest people suspected of purchasing drugs online.

"A drug supply route between the USA and the UK has been dismantled."

Of those arrested, 16 - one each in the Cheshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, County Durham, Suffolk and Worcestershire police force areas, two each in Hertfordshire, Kent and the West Midlands and three in Leicestershire - have been released on bail.

One man in Kent was charged with possession of class C drugs.

Five - one each in Avon and Somerset and Northamptonshire and three in Greater Manchester - have been cautioned, while one woman was released without charge in the West Midlands.

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