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Murder case witness to write book
Peter Rees, William Horncy and Kenneth Regan
The defendants are accused of dumping the bodies at sea
A woman has told a court that she decided to write her autobiography after she became unwittingly embroiled in an alleged murder plot.

Belinda Brewin told the Old Bailey she was shocked and angry when told land at her home near Tiverton, in Devon, had been used for a mass grave.

Three men deny murdering five members of the Chohan family in February 2003.

The jury in the continuing case heard the men carried out the killings in a bid to take over Mr Chohan's business.

Ms Brewin was in the witness stand for the third day giving evidence at the trial of Kenneth Regan, 55, of Forge Close, Wilton, Wiltshire, William Horncy, 52, of Adeline Road, Bournemouth, and Peter Rees, 39, of Kings Close, Rowlands.

Publisher's contract

She told the court she had informed the police about the book and had given them details of her contract with her publishers.

She agreed with Paul Mendelle, defence counsel for Kenneth Regan, that she had written she expected to be given a bad time in court.

Mr Mendelle said: "I will not give you a bad time - I hope. I doubt if much of what I have to say will be controversial."

Ms Brewin replied: "That will be nice."

He [Kenneth Regan] said that he was a thousand million per cent sure there was nothing in the field
Belinda Brewin
Ms Brewin earlier told the court she "went ballistic" when she got home to find men digging a trench that was used to allegedly bury the bodies.

When police later moved in to dig up the field Miss Brewin had written in her diary that they had "started digging, scraping away at gravel".

The next day, she wrote: "Really, really shocked. Very sad, could not stop crying."

She told the jury: "I was upset about what had happened - not for myself but for Amarjit [Chohan]."

'I am innocent'

She said Mr Regan then called her.

"He said he was away, that he was coming back soon.

"He said that he was a thousand million per cent sure there was nothing in the field."

"I said: 'That is not what it seems - police are digging everywhere'. He said: 'I am innocent, I am innocent.'"

Miss Brewin said some time later she rang Mr Regan.

"I was very angry and thought I would ring Regan and give him a piece of my mind," she said.

But she said the phone went straight to voicemail and that was the last call she made to him.

Hounslow resident Amarjit Chohan, 45, his wife Nancy, 24, their two sons, Devinder, 18 months, and Ravinder, two months, and Mrs Chohan's mother, Charanjit Kaur, 51, were allegedly murdered.

Their bodies were allegedly secretly buried in Miss Brewin's 50-acre estate at Great Colefield House, Stoodleigh.

The court has heard the bodies were then dug up in April and dumped in the English Channel. Three of them have been washed ashore along the south coast.

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