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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 December, 2004, 06:33 GMT
Shoppers warned of Christmas scam
The council's
The council's own "dodgy geezer" gives advice on fake goods
A market stall is warning shoppers of the "12 Scams of Christmas".

The stall, set up in Oxford Street by Westminster Council, featured "knocked off" and fake goods as well as their very own "dodgy geezer".

Among the "gifts" are fake designer clothes, imitation perfumes which do not smell as they should, and counterfeit vodka which can be fatal.

Organisers were also be on hand to warn about restaurant and hotel rip-offs during the stunt on Wednesday morning.

A leaflet was handed out to shoppers and Trading Standards officers will be present to give advice.

Westminster Council says the 12 scams Londoners should look out for are:

  • Fake designer clothes for sale
  • Fake cosmetics and perfumes for sale
  • Dodgy Christmas tree lights
  • Unsafe children's toys
  • Counterfeit vodka
  • Mobile phone text scams
  • Hotels double booking your room
  • Restaurant rip-offs at your office parties
  • Over priced theatre tickets
  • Lottery scams based in Canada
  • Unsafe candles
  • Dodgy plumbers fixing your frozen pipes

Fakes seized in anti-piracy raids
01 Dec 04 |  Scotland

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