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Living England for a day
Beer hat and shot glasses from drinkstuff.com, cutlery, plates and cup from partydelights.co.uk, flag from Boys Stuff
A full English served up on a England branded dinner set
From underwear designers to eyewear specialists, more and more firms are taking advantage of the unprecedented clamour to show support for the national football team.

So is it now possible to 'live England for a day', getting on with everyday life with a St George's cross constantly in sight?

Swathes of England supporters are happy to sport the team strip and perhaps a crazy wig while watching the crucial games.

But BBC News Online decided to find out what is on offer for those ultimate fans who wish to stand out from the crowd and show their allegiance at all times during Euro 2004.

0700 Waking up beneath a duvet cover emblazoned with the St George's flag starts the day for the most patriotic fan.

0730 After a shower, preferably using suitably coloured/branded toiletries and a brief pause on your England toilet seat, there's just enough time for a rub down with an England emblem towel before pulling on the first part of the supporters uniform - the red and white bra and thong set.

Bra and thong set from Natural Instinct, England duvet cover set from We are the  English
Wake up and be English from head to foot

0800 It's a short trip to the kitchen where a hunt through a George cross fridge finds enough ingredients to rustle up a full English breakfast presented on plates, cups and forks covered in the team's badge.

0830 Heading for the car, the bastion of many a showy England fan, standing out from the flag-flying motorists is not so easy, although headrest covers are perhaps a lesser-seen way of doing it.

0915 At work the theme may be somewhat muted by the neutral environment and presence of supporters of other nationalities...

0920 Until the removal of your overcoat reveals the Alpha t-shirt, enabling the wearer to change the score to reflect the latest victory, or perhaps a more flattering historic one.

0945 And once more heading to the bathroom, selecting German flag toilet roll is another option for declaring an allegiance, or perhaps disaffection, with a particular team.

Supporters teeth from sillyjokes.co.uk
Hide your patriotism till the last moment
1130 When called to chair a meeting, do not despair but take along the football-shaped universal remote to operate the VHS or DVD with the three lions.

1230 Lunch and there's just time to grab a slice of England football cake before skipping off to the nearest nail salon to have those talons painted red and white.

1400 Returning to work and if the lack of atmosphere is now really getting to you why not become a one-man-walking St George's cross, without being given your P45, with a set of contact lenses and teeth.

1530 Too many hours without an England game and the withdrawal symptoms may now be getting to you, but a quick tour around eBay while the boss is not looking uncovers a selection of items, from used France v England ticket stubs, to completed collectors' coins albums, being sold by entrepreneurial fans.

England dog bandana from eDirectory.co.uk
Even the England fan's best friend can't let him down

1730 Finally freed from work constraints on supporting the national squad and it's time to turn to the most heavily marketed novelty items - the drinking accessories - choose from beer hat and belt, shot glasses and drinking games to a traditional yard of ale.

1845 But before settling down to the match there's still chores to be done - the dog needs walking and he can still take part in the fan's challenge by wearing his own England bandana.

1945 Stepping back through the door, switch on the St George's light and fall backwards into an inflatable England chair. The quest has been triumphantly completed.

Now all that is needed is for the real team to put on a show worthy of all that commitment, otherwise some stores may have a very large bargain bin come Friday morning.

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