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Last Updated: Wednesday, 9 June, 2004, 20:46 GMT 21:46 UK
Police league tables revealed
Paul Stephenson
Paul Stephenson said inspiration is the key
The first ever police league tables are expected to name Lancashire as the best performing force in the country.

The police forces in Cleveland and Humberside will be among the worst when the tables are announced next week, the BBC has learned.

The 43 forces were judged on 16 categories including crime levels, leadership and direction.

The BBC's Home Affairs Correspondent Margaret Gilmore said the most "proactive" forces performed best.

She said: "The forces which perform best seem to be the ones which are most flexible.

Preventing crime

"The ones who, when they get new intelligence, respond immediately preventing rather than reacting to crime.

"Those at the bottom of the league are the ones who take longer to analyse intelligence and thus take longer to pinpoint the crime hotspots."

Lancashire Police force said it has put bobbies back on the beat and believes "old-fashioned" policing has helped raise its profile locally.

Each constable is assigned a patch for two years, helping them win the trust of local people and identify known trouble-makers.

Constables also make daily intelligence reports every morning, meaning information can be analysed and acted on swiftly and decisively.

The police forces in Northumberland, Staffordshire and Merseyside are also at the top of the league tables alongside Lancashire.

Management issues

The chief constable of the Lancashire force, Paul Stephenson, said: "We're trying to get back to something about leadership being about inspiration.

"It's about everyone coming to work every day and having a clear duty and that is to inspire at least one person to do something extraordinary today."

Forces in Cleveland and Humberside have told the BBC they expect to be in the bottom group.

Humberside were criticised on management issues and for failing to cut crime and the fear of crime.

The deputy chief constable of Humberside, Steve Love, said: "We are expecting a report which is disappointing but it is actually fair.

"At the time of the inspection the force was in the midst of a dip in it's performance at the time of massive structural change in the force."

Our correspondent said the league tables - due out next week - will give an insight into nearly all aspects of policing.

"Some forces worry bad results will reduce morale", she said.

"Others say they will set benchmarks from which they can improve."

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