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Valued officer paid with his life
Eilisa Broadhurst, comforted by a Pc
Eilisa Broadhurst said farewell to her husband at his funeral
Tributes have been paid to traffic policeman Ian Broadhurst who was shot dead as he lay wounded on the ground on Boxing Day 2003.

Former American bodybuilder David Bieber was convicted of the murder on Thursday after an 11-day trial.

Pc Broadhurst and colleagues had been making a routine traffic inquiry when Bieber opened fire on them.

The officer's widow Eilisa, said the events of that day would haunt her forever.

Married two years

Pc Broadhurst had joined West Yorkshire Police after spending 13 years in the motor and engineering trade.

He lived for his job and he paid tragically with his life for doing his duty
Eilisa Broadhurst, widow
He specifically requested traffic duty because of his interest in cars.

He had been married just two years before he died, and had plans to start a family.

Mrs Broadhurst, speaking after David Bieber's conviction for murdering her husband, said Ian was a loving husband.

She said: "Not a second will pass when he is not in our thoughts. He lived for his job and he paid tragically with his life for doing his duty.

"He left home on Boxing Day saying goodbye to his family. We never imagined it would be the last time we saw him."

She had listened to the proceedings and was convinced her husband and colleagues posed no threat to Bieber.

"This year has been a long and difficult one for us. However, we feel that at last justice has been done and we are pleased with the verdict," she added.

Great team

"Ian did not die in vain. He died doing the job he loved and serving the people of Leeds.

"We are immensely proud of him and he will always be in our hearts."

His colleague Pc Neil Roper, who was shot and wounded during the incident, also paid tribute, saying they were a great team.

He said: "Without having to say anything we knew what each other was thinking and what was expected of each other. That is why we got on so well.

"We could talk about anything in or out of the job and trusted each other completely."

The senior investigating officer, Det Ch Supt Chris Gregg, said Pc Broadhurst and Pc Roper "were not only colleagues, but close friends".

Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Gregg
Det Ch Supt Chris Gregg praised the officers

He said: "They were both superbly professional in their work, and Neil in particular had a keen eye for spotting stolen cars.

"They were going about their normal routine duties that day, while most people were at home enjoying a Boxing Day afternoon.

"When the officers were checking out the BMW, which turned out to be stolen, they would have had no idea at all of the danger they were facing."

He added: "Ian Broadhurst was an officer who clearly loved his job.

"He was not only a credit to West Yorkshire Police, but also to his family and friends, who are experiencing a great loss.

"Neil Roper is gradually recovering from his injuries. I have spoken to him regularly and have nothing but admiration for the strength of character he has shown.

"James Banks, while uninjured, has remained at work throughout, continuing to carry out a professional job.

"David Bieber's actions that afternoon are beyond belief.

"He is a ruthless killer, who demonstrated no mercy, of regard for life."

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