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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 May, 2004, 13:04 GMT 14:04 UK
Rail firm's 'one' confusing name
Is it the '1:41 train' or the '1:40 One train' ...?
East Anglia's latest train service franchise is re-thinking its name.

One, run by National Express, is dropping branding in station announcements because passengers associate numbers with train times.

Jonathan Denby, of One Railways, said: "Inevitably, when you put something into practice, you pick up things which perhaps don't work quite as well."

One, launched on 1 April, combines the Anglia, Great Eastern and West Anglia routes and the Stansted Express.

It provides services from Liverpool Street to Hertford, Cambridge, Peterborough, Essex and to Norwich and resorts on the east coast.

Mr Denby said the name for the franchise, chosen because so many services were merged into one, was selected very quickly during a two-month period between the award of the franchise and the official name change.

"With the station announcements specifically, we've removed the One name from the departure times, because that was where the potential lay for a bit of confusion.

"It may have looked very good on paper, but it was difficult to tell exactly how it would work out in the field."

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