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Trafalgar celebrations announced
Lord Nelson
Lord Nelson died at the Battle of Trafalgar
A series of celebrations have been announced to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

The event on 23 October 2005, which marks Admiral Lord Nelson's most famous victory, will focus on Portsmouth where his flagship HMS Victory is based.

There will be a review of vessels from 30 countries as well as a remembrance service at St Paul's Cathedral in London, where Nelson is buried.

Celebrations will also be held in Trafalgar Square under Nelson's column.

The Queen, although not officially confirmed, would traditionally carry out the military review.

Lord Nelson

Helen Drake, spokeswoman for the Trafalgar 200 events, said: "This will extend the 600-year-old tradition of the fleet review into a modern symbol of international maritime friendship and co-operation."

The 200th anniversary of Nelson's death takes place on 21 October, 2005, with a VIP dinner on board Victory as well as by numerous events in the Portsmouth area.

Other celebrations include a son et lumiere (sound and light show) at Portsmouth on 28 June, 2005.

The Royal Navy fleet will be illuminated amid a firework display and there will be a theatrical illustration of a Napoleonic-era sea battle.

There will also be an International Drumhead Ceremony on 29 June which remembers those who have died in conflict.

Decisive battle

Portsmouth will also be hosting the International Festival of the Sea in late June, an event held every four years to celebrate all aspects of life at sea and which next year will focus on the Trafalgar celebrations.

The Battle of Trafalgar is thought of as one of the most decisive naval actions in British history as it established Britain's supremacy at sea and freed the country from the long-held fear of invasion from Napoleon's armies.

The battle off Cape Trafalgar, near Cadiz in southern Spain, pitched the Royal Navy against the combined fleets of France and Spain.

Nelson died in the battle after was shot by a French marksman on the Redoubtable as he stood on the quarterdeck of HMS Victory.

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