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Last Updated: Saturday, 31 January, 2004, 14:04 GMT
Free locks to put brake on thefts
Car being broken into
Would-be car thieves will have to beat steering locks on older cars
Car thieves targeting older vehicles in Bradford now have another obstacle to overcome - after police handed out steering wheel locks to owners.

In an effort to slash car crime officers in the north of the city gave away steering wheel locks to the owners of F to M registered vehicles.

The owners of qualifying vehicles had to have current log books and live in the area.

Police say thieves target older cars as the locks and catches may be worn.

Crime hotspots

The Home Office paid for the 800 locks handed out by officers from Eccleshill police station to Heaton, Allerton, Girlington, Ravenscliffe, Eccleshill and Thorpe Edge residents.

Inspector Adrian Lyles of Bradford Police said: "This is another way of driving down car crime in this area.

"At the car crime hotspots we are seeing thieves targeting older vehicles, from F-M registered.

"Vehicles are made with a good standard of security, but over the years things like locks and door catches will inevitably become worn, making older vehicles more vulnerable to attack from thieves.

So, we have a generation of older cars that are easy to steal and that's why motorists have to follow crime prevention advice and use anti-theft devices.

"Thieves hate any kind of security device".

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