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Psychologist 'to see Anne's dog'
Princess Anne with her dogs
Princess Anne was prosecuted under the Dangerous Dogs Act last year
An animal psychologist is to examine Princess Anne's English bull terrier which savaged one of the Queen's corgis and attacked a maid, it is reported.

Roger Mugford told the Sunday Telegraph he had been asked to treat eight-year-old Florence.

The dog bit the maid's knee at the Queen's home in Sandringham, Norfolk, last Saturday, days after attacking one of the Queen's oldest corgis there.

The corgi Pharos was put down after Florence broke its legs in the attack.

Mr Mugford, from Surrey, told the Telegraph he expected to start work this week and possible techniques could include re-enacting attacks to train the dog not to bite.

He told the paper he did not believe Florence should be put down and he thought he could prevent that possibility.

He said: "There is probably some underlying medical factor. We are not talking about an inherently aggressive or dangerous dog.

"I am sure it is just a dog who is feeling a bit out of sorts about something, perhaps pain or old age, and is feeling a bit cranky on the day."

Minor wound

Mr Mugford, 57, heads the Animal Behaviour Centre in Chertsey, Surrey.

The paper said he successfully treated another of Princess Anne's dogs, Dotty, after she bit two boys in Windsor Great Park in 2002.

Princess Anne was prosecuted under the Dangerous Dogs Act and warned by the judge that if there were any further attacks, Dotty would have to be destroyed.

Dotty was initially wrongly identified as the dog which had attacked the Queen's corgi, but a Buckingham Palace spokesman later confirmed Florence had been responsible.

After Florence bit the maid, a palace spokeswoman said the woman had been treated by a doctor, but the wound was a "minor bite" and she did not need hospital treatment.

Anne's dog 'wrongly accused'
30 Dec 03 |  England

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