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Key points: Day 19
Maxine Carr and Ian Huntley
Maxine Carr and Ian Huntley both deny the charges
The Soham trial is hearing evidence at the Old Bailey.

Ian Huntley is giving evidence for the second day.

Mr Huntley denies murdering the 10-year-olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

Ms Carr, his former girlfriend, denies two charges of assisting an offender and one of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

Key details from Day 19 are as follows:

  • Mr Huntley is answering questions put by Richard Latham QC, counsel for the prosecution.

  • Mr Latham says that following an overdose and treatment at Milton Keynes Hospital, Mr Huntley spoke of not being able to remember events clearly.

  • Mr Huntley says he spoke to his mum and dad and promised that he would get through the trial so he could tell Jessica and Holly's parents exactly what had happened.

  • Mr Latham says that all Mr Huntley's efforts were designed not to be of help to the girls' parents, but to help himself.

  • "From start to finish in this case, you have been looking after yourself, haven't you?," says Mr Latham.

  • Mr Huntley says: "No, I haven't."

  • Mr Latham continues: "You don't care what impact you have on anyone else, do you?"

  • Mr Huntley answers: "That's not true."

  • Mr Latham asks about a visit Mr Huntley's mother made to Woodhill Prison where her son was transferred, and says this conversation was recorded.

  • Mr Huntley agrees that it was while at Woodhill that he saw the prosecution case against him.

  • He suggests that while at Woodhill Mr Huntley had started to feel confident he could explain away much of the case against him.

  • "You were still working on how you could lie your way around the prosecution case weren't you?" says Mr Latham.

  • "No, I wasn't," says Mr Huntley.

  • Mr Latham suggests Mr Huntley worked out a story to explain how fibres from the girls' Man Utd shirts could get into the boot of his car by saying he had left it open on the day of the disappearance and that the girls had sat on the edge.

  • Mr Huntley insists the girls had sat on the edge of the boot.

  • Mr Latham suggests to Mr Huntley that he had "a fundamental problem" in that his fingerprints were on the bins in the school hangar and his hair samples were inside them with the girls' clothes.

  • Mr Latham says Mr Huntley had made up a "scenario" about the hanger being unlocked to fit the facts.

  • "It was left unlocked," says Mr Huntley.

  • Mr Latham again puts it to Mr Huntley that he was inventing a scenario "in which a third party, the killer, had access to the hanger, weren't you?".

  • "I was trying to make sense of all the information that was presented to me," says Mr Huntley.

    Mr Latham reminds him he told his mother that, referring to the police, he would "sue their arses off", when the case was over.

  • Mr Huntley replies: "Correct, and I meant to. I did not think I had done anything wrong at that time."

  • Mr Latham says: "You knew perfectly well what you had done. You were just setting about inventing a credible defence."

  • "No," replies Mr Huntley.

  • Mr Latham refers to the point when Mr Huntley saw the girls passing near to his house.

  • "It was just too tempting wasn't it, two 10-year-old girls?" says Mr Latham.

  • Huntley replies: "If you mean what I think you mean, no."

  • Mr Latham says: "This nosebleed story is rubbish isn't it?"

  • He continues: "You lured those two girls into that house."

  • "No I didn't," says Mr Huntley.

  • Mr Latham asks about Jessica being in the bathroom while Holly went into Mr Huntley's bedroom.

  • "To take a 10-year-old girl into a bedroom is not appropriate, I accept that," says Mr Huntley.

  • Mr Latham points out that Mr Huntley makes a mistake in referring to who was stood where in the bedroom.

  • "There is a lot of pressure when you are stood up here... very difficult to get things right word for word," says Mr Huntley.

  • Mr Latham points out that Mr Huntley did not help when Holly fell into the bath.

  • "She drowned in the bath because you wanted her to," says Mr Latham.

  • "I didn't want her dead," says Mr Huntley.

  • Mr Latham says the only way Holly could have drowned was if she had been held down in the bath.

  • "I wasn't holding her," says Mr Huntley.

  • "Jessica was screaming because you were murdering Holly. That is the truth."

  • "No," says Mr Huntley.

  • After the lunch adjournment, Mr Latham refers to the moment when Mr Huntley put his hand over Jessica's mouth to stop the screaming.

  • "If you block the mouth and nose, what starts to happen to someone?," says Mr Latham.

  • "You starve them of oxygen."

  • Mr Latham says: "You starve them of oxygen and they start, in effect, to die."

  • "Yes," says Mr Huntley.

  • Mr Latham later asks: "What's the instinctive reaction of a person who has a single hand put across their mouth so they can't breathe?"

  • "Struggle," says Mr Huntley.

  • Mr Latham asks what he was doing with his other hand if one was across Jessica's mouth and nose.

  • Mr Huntley says he must have been restraining her.

  • "Fighting for her very life, wouldn't she, Mr Huntley?", says Mr Latham.

  • "Yes," says Mr Huntley.

  • "You did not give her the slightest chance, did you?," says Mr Latham.

  • Huntley answers: "No."

  • Mr Huntley agrees with Mr Latham that at one point in his house there was "a dead body on the floor of the bathroom and another in the doorway".

  • Asked what he was then doing, Huntley replies: "Just cried and was sick."

  • Mr Latham then asks: "What had happened was sexually motivated, wasn't it?"

  • Huntley says: "No, it was not."

  • Mr Latham later asks about his behaviour over the next 12-13 days in the aftermath of the deaths of the girls and accuses him of a "cover-up".

  • "My behaviour over those 12 or 13 days was inexcusable, yes."

  • Mr Latham then asks about what Mr Huntley did with the girls' bodies.

  • He says the body of Jessica was limp and difficult to carry.

  • Mr Latham says it was this point that Mr Huntley became "calculating", working out what he needed to do to get away with the crime and avoid being caught.

  • He asks how difficult it was to get the bodies into the boot of his car, asking: "Was it an easy fit?"

  • Mr Huntley says that to get them in, "I had to bend their legs slightly."

  • Mr Latham says: "You were behaving quite ruthlessly, weren't you, Mr Huntley?"

  • "Yes, what I did was ruthless," says Mr Huntley.

  • "Cold and ruthless," says Mr Latham.

  • "Yes," says Mr Huntley.

  • Mr Latham says the bodies were driven to the isolated track near Wangford.

  • Taking bin bags, rubber gloves and petrol showed planning on the part of Mr Huntley, like "a military operation," says Mr Latham.

  • He asks about the fact that the clothing had been cut off both girls, including their pants.

  • " I just thought I had to get rid of the clothing," says Mr Huntley.

  • He says cutting one of the bras in three places was also necessary to remove all the clothing.

  • "And then you sprayed petrol over the bodies?," says Mr Latham.

  • "Yes," answers Mr Huntley.

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