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Key points: Day 15
Maxine Carr and Ian Huntley
Maxine Carr and Ian Huntley are on trial at the Old Bailey
The Soham trial is hearing prosecution evidence at the Old Bailey.

Pathologist Dr Nat Cary was among those giving evidence.

Ian Huntley denies murdering Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

His former girlfriend, Maxine Carr, denies two charges of assisting an offender and one of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

The key details from witnesses on Day 15 are as follows:

  • Under cross-examination from Stephen Coward QC, Dr Cary was asked about Mr Huntley's claim that Holly drowned in the bath

  • He told the court when someone drowns in the bath they would normally be intoxicated or an epileptic and said "in all cases" drowning was a "solitary affair"

  • He said drowning with someone else present in the room would usually be a "forced drowning". He said he was unaware of any other case of someone drowning in a bathroom with two people present

  • In reference to Mr Huntley's claim Holly had a nosebleed on the day of her death, Dr Cary told the court no blood had been found on her clothing which was unusual

  • He said he would have expected Holly to have wedged herself in the bath and that he could not see "how her head could be immersed"

  • He asked how Holly's legs would have got over the edge of the bath and said "would you wash a dog in a full bath of water"?

  • Dr Cary said the explanation for her death was "unlikely at the least" and asked why no attempt at resuscitation was made

  • On Jessica's death, Dr Cary told the court the only way she could have been smothered was by "forced restraint" though "vigorous struggling"

  • Dr Cary told the court drowning would be fairly quick, "maybe a minute or two" and said if Jessica collapsed there would still be "much of that 120 seconds" for Mr Huntley to rescue Holly from the bath

  • Statements were read out to the court made by various witnesses who saw Maxine Carr in a club in Grimsby on the night of the deaths

  • Det Con Brian Cronin told the court how he arrested Mr Huntley at his brother Wayne's house in Little Hampton on Saturday 17 August

  • PC Paul Noble said when Ms Carr was arrested at a hotel in Cambridgeshire she said to officers: "How do you know they're dead?"

  • A transcript of an interview on 17 August between Det Con David York and Ms Carr was read out to the court

  • Ms Carr said she wanted to change her story from previous interviews, given before her arrest, about being in Soham on the weekend the girls disappeared

  • She said she lied because Mr Huntley had been accused of attacking a girl in 1998 which led to him suffering a nervous breakdown

  • She said he had been acquitted in court because CCTV footage showed him to be in a club at the time of the alleged rape

  • In a second interview later that afternoon Ms Carr told Mr York she had met Mr Huntley in a nightclub in February 1999 and they had hit it off straight away

  • Earlier the court had been told by forensic scientist the bath at 5 College Close had a vertical crack halfway up one side

  • In her statement Ms Carr said the bath would need to be changed because their dog Sadie had broken it when she was being bathed on Sunday 4th August

  • She said the dog weighed eight-and-a-half stone

  • In her interview Ms Carr described Jessica as "really sporty" and Holly, who she said gave her a hand-made card on the last day of school, as "very very good"

  • Ms Carr said she knew the Lakenheath area, where the bodies were found, because Mr Huntley's grandmother lived nearby

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