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Last Updated: Friday, 17 October, 2003, 13:44 GMT 14:44 UK
Hotspots for finding love revealed
Richmond, north Yorkshire
Richmond: the place to be for a single woman
Lovelorn women are being directed into the countryside to find a mate.

Richmond, in North Yorkshire, has the highest proportion of men over women in the UK.

It has 50% more males than females.

A wealth of single men can also be found in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, where there are 45% more men.

It is closely followed by Rutland and the Isles of Scilly.

However, for the men the urban sprawl is still the best bet for a love match.

Where the single men are:
1. Richmond, North Yorks
2. Bridgnorth, Shropshire
3. Rutland
4. Isles of Scilly
5. North Dorset
6. Kennet, Wiltshire
7. City of London
8. North Shropshire
9. Teesdale, Durham
10. Hart, Hampshire

Knowsley, in Merseyside, ranks highest with 12.3% more unattached women than men.

Seven of the top ten female hotspots are London boroughs and Liverpool came in fifth place.

The latest division between town and country has been uncovered by upmystreet.com, a community website.

Its survey of 2,450 single people in Britain found both sexes rate personality most important in a potential partner.

A good job came at the bottom of the list.

And the women:
1. Knowsley, Merseyside
2. Hackney, London
3. Wandsworth, London
4. Wirral
5. Liverpool
6. Barking and Dagenham, London
7. Islington, London
8. Haringey, London
9. Hammersmith & Fulham, London
10. Cardiff
Despite the geographical findings, the study also revealed that few Britons are willing to scour the country for a mate.

Eight in 10 people said they would prefer to date someone who lived in the same area as themselves.

Barry Holloway, marketing director at upmystreet.com, said: "We had no idea that there would be such a clear split in the areas where singletons live.

"It looks like the girls need to swap their studio flats for country cottages and the guys should give up their rural retreats in favour of urban chic apartments."

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