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Tatton vs Tottenham
The Hamiltons
You never know who you'll meet on Tatton's country lanes

As the most and least affluent areas in England and Wales are revealed in a survey, BBC News Online looks at the toffee-nosed Tatton and tatty Tottenham.

Tatton is an area where the residents range from Posh and Becks to Neil and Christine Hamilton.

It prides itself on being the headquarters for the Cheshire Set - very different to the average North West resident.

They tend to vote Tory, they drive 4x4s, enjoy hunting and are very, very rich.

Tatton is a stylish, sophisticated and beautiful area with a selection of luxury car showrooms, expensive fashion boutiques, charming antique shops and quaint pubs in its idyllic villages, which include Alderley Edge and Wilmslow.

Tatton is the perfect place to pick up the Beckhams' hand-me-downs
The North West attracts the rich

If you ever visit, here's one top tip: Tatton's towns and villages have a vast array of charity shops with some of the best selection of designer cast-offs in the country.

Nouveau Riche

For a few pounds you could be lucky enough to pick up a David Beckham sarong or a pair of Alex Ferguson's slippers.

Apart from celebrity residents, including a sizeable chunk of the Manchester United team, it will always be remembered for the infamous showdown between disgraced MP Neil Hamilton and Martin Bell during the election race of 1997.

Tottenham is second highest in London for weapons offences

Until the last election, Tatton had been one of the Tories' safest seats.

But in 1997 Neil Hamilton was beaten by former BBC war reporter Martin Bell, who ran on an anti-sleaze platform.

Old Money

Mr Bell overturned a 22,000 Tory majority, but promised he would stand down after serving a single term.

He kept to his word and after a brief brush with radicalism, the constituency, a cocktail of nouveau riche and old money, is back to being true blue.

Since 1999, Tatton Park has hosted the Royal Horticultural Society flower show, which many believe outshines the Chelsea Flower Show.

It is not a place you want to buy a house unless you've got a spare couple of million, but Tatton is an intriguing anomaly, so different to nearby Manchester and Liverpool.

Tatton is well worth a visit - just make sure you dress up.

Tottenham's problems

Meanwhile, down south, Tottenham is one of London's most deprived areas.

White Hart Lane
Plans to extend Spurs' stadium have been put forward

At the last count, it had double the national average of unemployed residents.

It is part of the borough of Haringey in north London where nearly half the population are from ethnic minorities and 193 languages are spoken.

Crime is relatively high in the area.

The latest gun crime victim, 25-year-old Pauline Peart, was shot dead as she sat in her car with a friend on 10 March.

Last year a youth worker was shot as he tried to break up a fight at a teenage talent show.

It is also not far from Green Lanes, where outbreaks of violence between gangs prompted police to increase armed back up for officers on patrol.

The latest figures released by the Met show the borough has London's highest number of house burglaries and is second highest for weapons offences.

Premiership football team Tottenham Hotspur has its home there and local politicians are currently trying to keep the team, which wants to expand its White Hart Lane stadium, in the borough.

Local MP David Lammy is a seen as a rising star within the Labour Party - he was the youngest MP in the house when he was elected in 2000 and has even been tipped as the country's first black prime minister.

Mayor Ken Livingstone is currently investigating extending the Tube's Victoria Line from Seven Sisters to the existing depot at Northumberland Park, as local politicians say the area is cut off.

And the council is courting more businesses to invest in the area - even IKEA is planning to open a store there.

North tops 'real' rich league
14 May 03  |  Business


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