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Last Updated: Thursday, 26 June, 2003, 10:02 GMT 11:02 UK
Trucker trapped by bees
Swarm of bees
A swarm of bees settled on the lorry's cab for more than 10 hours
A lorry driver was trapped for more than 10 hours when a swarm of bees settled on his truck.

John Taylor, 59, watched as hundreds of bees descended on his vehicle after he stopped at a motorway service station in Devon.

He rang police and Exeter City Council's pest control department for help at 2100 BST and was advised to stay in his cab in case he antagonised the insects.

But the swarm did not leave his HGV, parked at the Granada Services in Exeter, until 0730 BST the following day.

Mr Taylor, who was delivering Danish bacon to Exeter from Cambridge, where he lives, said: "It was pretty scary."

It is thought it was a swarm of European honey bees.

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