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Last Updated:  Tuesday, 1 April, 2003, 20:19 GMT 21:19 UK
Drivers face 'red route' restrictions
Red route sign
Red routes are credited with reducing congestion in London
A scheme used to ease traffic congestion in London could be introduced in Birmingham.

The city council plans to bring in double red lines on the A34 Statford Road in the city.

Drivers who stop on the "red route" during the day would be fined and have their cars towed away.

The scheme will be introduced on a four-mile stretch of the A34 in Solihull in May and could be extended to Birmingham by the autumn.

Strictly enforced

Councillor Stuart Stacey said it would be necessary to remove vehicles parked on the red route.

"It's no good leaving a car with a ticket on the window sat there for five hours while it causes jams for everybody else.

"So there would be a high degree of enforcement to make sure the traffic flows.

"That's been successful in London, it's shown benefits to the local community. We want to give it a try here."

But one local trader said she is unhappy with the plans.

"I might have to close up. I think this will cripple us. We're not happy at all about it."

Tackling congestion in Birmingham
13 Feb 03  |  England

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