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Tributes to dead Yorkshire soldiers
Lance Corporal Shaun Brierley
Lance Corporal Brierley was eager to get his job done
The parents of a West Yorkshire serviceman killed on duty in the Gulf have paid tribute to their son.

Lance Corporal Shaun Brierley, 29, from Batley, West Yorkshire, died from head injuries sustained when his Land Rover was involved in a road accident in Kuwait on Sunday.

He had been in the army for 10 years and served with the 212 Signals Squadron based at Herford in Germany.

Lance Corporal Brierley's father, Pete, said his son was a committed soldier just eager to get his job done.

And he revealed they had a telephone conversation just before the conflict began.

Mr Brierley told the BBC's Look North programme: "I spoke to him three weeks ago. He said: 'I wish they'd get it started so we can get it done and come home'."

Brave soldier

The Lance Corporal's mother Christine admits news of the first British casualty - Sergeant Steven Roberts of Shipley, near Bradford - brought the war "too close to home".

But Mrs Brierley said her concerns over his safety would not have been shared by her son.

"He was one of these - and a lot of kids are like this - 'It can't happen to me I'm too big' types," she said.

"That was his attitude to life - it won't happen to me."

Meanwhile, a Royal Marine killed in the line of duty was a man of "character, honour and principles," his parents said.

Marine Christopher Maddison
Christopher Maddison was killed in an ambush
Christopher Maddison died when a river launch was ambushed on the Al Faw Peninsula south of Basra.

His parents, who live in Scarborough, said in a statement: "Christopher was loved and respected by everybody who knew him.

"He was a man of character, honour and principles who always fought for those less able.

"As he lived, he died, with strength and courage. He died in a war that will be won in his name alongside all the other brave souls who selflessly gave themselves for the freedom of all our nations."

Marine Maddison was a member of Plymouth-based 539 Assault Squadron.

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