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Cold war bunkers for sale
A bunker near Horncastle in Lincolnshire
The bunkers are located in corners of fields in the East Midlands
Three decommissioned Cold War bunkers are going on sale in the East Midlands for 3,000 each.

Chartered surveyors J H Walter in Lincoln is handling the sale of the properties, which were designed for three-man teams from the Royal Observer Corps.

The bunkers are 15 feet underground in secluded fields near Sibsey and Horncastle in Lincolnshire and near Kelham in Nottinghamshire.

One of the bedroom-sized bunkers was advertised on Internet auction website eBay and has already attracted 1,500 hits, said JH Walter chartered surveyor Rob Ward.

Footpath access

The bunkers are hidden behind hedges in the corners of fields on high ground with a shaft leading down to just two rooms, Mr Ward said.

The bunkers measure 15 feet by 7ft 6in and contain three beds, desks and equipment, and a toilet.

The property covers one-eighth of an acre and access is by footpath.

The three-man teams were to monitor the progress of a nuclear attack by measuring radioactive fallout.

A room without a view
A bunker near Horncastle in Lincolnshire
We think they will appeal to enthusiasts who would like their own piece of Cold War history
Rob Ward
J H Walter, Chartered Surveyors

They also had an indicator which allowed them to measure the force of a nuclear bomb blast, Mr Ward said.

About 1,500 of the bunkers were built during the height of the Cold War in the 1950s, with many decommissioned less than 10 years later.

The three sites up for sale were used until 1992, when they were taken out of service following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Many have been bought by telecommunication companies and used as safe storage for computer systems, but Mr Ward said he believed memorabilia collectors may be tempted to buy the bunkers.

"We think they will appeal to enthusiasts who would like their own piece of Cold War history," said Mr Ward.

"It is even possible that some potential buyers might fancy them as a weekend retreat.

"They're in quiet, attractive rural spots, with wonderful views out over the surrounding countryside."

A bunker in Wrexham, North Wales has been sold and used for a recording studio, while a bunker in Kirknewtown near Edinburgh has been converted into a nightclub.

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