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Last Updated:  Sunday, 30 March, 2003, 15:25 GMT 16:25 UK
Cilla warns about get-rich scheme
Cilla Black
Cilla Black said she did not try and recruit people to the scheme
Television presenter Cilla Black has urged people not to join a get rich quick scheme after she "naively" attended recruitment parties for would-be investors.

She said she was asked to a pyramid-style Hearts scheme event by a friend.

Investors were promised that by putting in 3,000 they could make 24,000 by recruiting two more people to invest.

Those two people would then recruit two more until eight members made up the base of the pyramid.

Similar schemes in the past have seen most participants lose their money as they run out of people who can afford the initial investment.

'Hanging out'

A spokesman for the Liverpool-born Blind Date star said she had only been to two parties to "hang out" and had not put any money in or tried to recruit new members.

He added: "Some of the people involved in the Hearts group are her friends.

"She enjoyed hanging out with them. She was asked to be involved and was told it was not a pyramid scheme and was under the impression there was nothing wrong with it.

"She naively thought it was a harmless way to raise money for charity."

Trading Standards and the government have issued warnings about the dangers of entering pyramid-style schemes.

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