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Last Updated:  Friday, 21 March, 2003, 21:08 GMT
MP voices fears over soldier son
Ronnie Campbell MP
Ronnie Campbell has opposed Tony Blair's line on Iraq
A Labour MP opposed to the war in Iraq has spoken about his fears for his son who is serving with the Royal Marines in the Gulf.

Blyth Valley MP Ronnie Campbell said news of the eight servicemen who died after a helicopter crash in northern Kuwait on Friday had been "horrifying".

Mr Campbell said his son, Barry, had been working with American service personnel and the family were "extremely anxious" until they discovered he was not involved.

And despite his opposition to the war, Mr Campbell said it was time for the country to throw their support behind the troops fighting in the Gulf.

He told BBC Look North it had been a particularly difficult time for his wife and daughter-in-law.

Professional soldiers

He said: "[The crash] was terrifying because I knew he had working with the Americans and when I heard the Americans had been on board as well I put two and two together. Sometimes you come up with four.

"I oppose the war on political grounds, he fights it as a professional soldier, so there is no conflict between the two of us.

"He is a professional and I am a professional politician."

Obviously we have to support the troops that are there, we can't close our eyes to that.

"Barry knows my views... but soldiers are professional and are trained to fight in a war.

"It is politicians that take us to war, not soldiers."

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