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Last Updated:  Thursday, 20 March, 2003, 18:24 GMT
City centre protest attracts 1,000
War protesters in Cornmarket
Around 50 protesters demonstrated in Cornmarket at lunchtime
An anti-war demonstration has taken place in the centre of Oxford, as military action intensifies against Iraq.

A total of 1,000 people turned up for the demonstration in Cornmarket.

Police officers on horseback attended the demonstration, but there have been no reports of any incidents.

A smaller protest took place at lunchtime on Thursday, involving around 50 demonstrators.

Thames Valley Police say there was some disruption for motorists, but that members of the public had a right to protest peacefully.

The streets of Oxford could be closed after the rally, as this is also demonstration about cars and oil
Nuala Young, CND
Oxford's City Centre manager Bill McCardle had appealed for calm during the protest.

"All we would ask is they treat the centre with respect - treat businesses, the university and organisations with respect.

"If they want to protest, protest peacefully, keep it calm, keep it civilized and I think everyone will understand the situation."

At the demonstration earlier on Thursday, Nuala Young, a co-ordinator with Oxford CND said: "I feel very angry that they've gone ahead in such a manner.

"I worry that they will do carpet bombing and engulf Baghdad.

"We feel that Saddam Hussein has no connection with terrorism and that there must be another item on the agenda - oil.

"Other countries, aside from the US, including China, will need more oil by 2020.

She added: "The streets of Oxford could be closed after the rally, as this is also demonstration about cars and oil".

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