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Last Updated:  Thursday, 20 March, 2003, 12:32 GMT
Anti-war protest attracts crowd
Anti-war protesters have gathered outside Hereford Railway Station.

Hereford's Students Against The War and members of the local peace council were among those who took part in the demonstration.

About 50 protestors, including children, gathered outside the station on Thursday morning.

One of the organisers Lyn Rushbrooke said he was angry that troops were in the Middle East.

Special services

""I think that we need to let the government know that we are incensed that they are there," he said.

"I hope they don't get killed, some of them will get killed.

"War is a horrendous and ghastly thing and we probably won't see the results, the real bloody results of war."

Another demonstration is planned in Worcester on Thursday evening.

Meanwhile special services have been organised in Worcestershire and Herefordshire so people can pray for peace.

The Bishop of Worcester said he was saddened by the attacks on Baghdad and hoped people in the area would at some point visit a church to pray for the conflict to end.

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