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Last Updated:  Thursday, 20 March, 2003, 06:35 GMT
Councils driven by car share plans
The database will search for people travelling the same way
Councils across the South West are joining together in a new scheme to reduce the number of cars on roads, cut pollution and protect the environment.

Two new websites will provide road users with an online database of potential car sharers to maximise people's travel options.

The service will put people travelling in the same direction or to a similar destination in contact with each other, allowing them to arrange to travel together and share costs.

People using the free services can contact suitable travelling companions via e-mail and arrange to meet at a convenient location.

As we live in a rural area, many people rely on their cars to get around
David Morrish,
Devon County Council
Larger employers and groups will also have the opportunity to set up private groups.

To join the scheme people simply have to log on to the websites and register their details.

Journeys do not necessarily have to be for work. The service can also be used for taking children to school or shopping.

Devon County Council is introducing www.carsharedevon.com, in partnership with Plymouth City Council and Torbay Council, on 24 March.

Practical solution

Devon County Councillor David Morrish said: "As we live in a rural area, many people rely on their cars to get around.

"Car sharing is the most practical solution for those who wish to reduce the number of journeys they make by car, even if it's just one day a week.

"If every Devon driver used his or her car just two miles less each week, every year we would save 45,000,000 car miles, 1,495,000 gallons of fuel and 10,000 tonnes of air pollutants."

Cornwall County Council is launching www.carsharecornwall.com later in the year.

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