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Last Updated:  Tuesday, 18 March, 2003, 20:12 GMT
Worker sacked over e-mail
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Mr Miseroy said his use of email had been "quite modest"
An office worker sacked for sending inappropriate e-mails to friends and colleagues has lost his fight to get his job back.

Hilary Miseroy, 40, from Rainsborough Crescent in Northampton, took his former employers Barclaycard to an employment tribunal claiming he was unfairly dismissed last September.

He said his dismissal after 15 years working in fraud prevention at the company headquarters in Northampton was too harsh as other workers had been given written warnings.

But after a two-day hearing, the tribunal in Bedford decided the company had acted properly.

Confidential information

Barclaycard dismissed Mr Miseroy after a disciplinary hearing following a company investigation last summer.

The company found he had made derogatory remarks about co-workers in emails to colleagues.

Solicitor Lisa Bryson, for Barclaycard, said the company dismissed Mr Miseroy on the grounds of misconduct after finding he had divulged confidential information to someone who worked at Citibank.

However, Mr Miseroy said in the witness box his use of e-mail was "quite modest".

He said he did not believe he had divulged confidential information as the person with whom he had corresponded was a former Barclaycard employee and a friend.

Mr Miseroy argued it was common practice for fraud investigators in different institutions to share information.

However, tribunal chairman Michael Kay QC said the company's investigation had followed correct procedures and the dismissal had been a "reasonable response".

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