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Last Updated:  Tuesday, 18 March, 2003, 18:59 GMT
Gulf soldier's happy news
Donna Moore with baby Catherine
Donna Moore was too upset to call directly
An army corporal serving in Kuwait was told by a series of text messages that his wife had given birth.

William Moore, 27, attached to 39 Squadron Royal Engineers based in Cambridgeshire, left for the Gulf in February when his wife Donna, 26, was heavily pregnant.

He faced an anxious wait to learn whether his child had been born and then received a string of early-hour messages on his mobile phone.

Mrs Moore, a nurse from Brinsley, near Nottingham, said: "It's been too difficult to call, because it upsets me to think about what he's got on his plate at the moment, so we agreed to talk through text messages.

Birthing partner

"About midnight last Thursday my waters broke and straight away I sent a message to his phone.

"It was about 4am in Kuwait, but he sent one back straight away to tell me to ring his mum and the hospital.

Labour updates
We still haven't spoken, because it's so difficult for him to say what's happening over there and because I get so emotional
Donna Moore

"He even asked if there was anything he could do, though he was all those miles away."

As Mrs Moore went into labour, William's mother took over text message duties, delivering a series of updates to Kuwait.

"She was my birthing partner and kept him up to date with what was going on all the way through the labour," Mrs Moore said.

Afghanistan tour

Catherine Louise Moore was eventually born on Friday evening at Nottingham City Hospital and weighed 6lb 2oz.

"We still haven't spoken, because it's so difficult for him to say what's happening over there and because I get so emotional."

Mrs Moore said she is waiting for another string of messages to learn if her husband will now be allowed to fly home to see their daughter.

Mr Moore has served in the army for 12 years, completing a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

When she became pregnant, Mrs Moore returned home to her family in Nottingham.

She says she has spent 240 in phone bills in the last month.

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