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Last Updated:  Monday, 17 March, 2003, 12:16 GMT
Protesters mount bomb blockade
B52 bomber takes off from RAF Fairford
It is thought the bombs may have been moved overnight
Peace protesters have set up camp at a military depot in Berkshire in an attempt to stop bombs being loaded on to United States Air Force B52 bomber planes.

The group of about 16 protesters is refusing to move from the depot at Welford near Newbury, despite requests from Thames Valley Police officers.

The demonstrators are attempting to stop the movement of munitions from the underground storage facility to RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire.

Fourteen long-range B52 bombers are stationed at the base ahead of possible action in Iraq.

Even though it has been suggested that the bombs have already been moved, the protestors insist they will do anything to stop further movement.

24-hour vigil

Protester Kate Holcomb said: "We want to do anything in our powers to stop this bloody massacre that is about to happen."

Another protester, Kate Jackson, said: "We now have people, all prepared to be arrested, stationed at every entrance 24-hours a day.

"When they see lorries approaching they alert all our protesters to gather.

"They then call ahead to Fairford, so that they know when to be ready and can get more people out to demonstrate," she said.

Two US B-52s on test runs
15 Mar 03 |  England
Bombers land at RAF Fairford
03 Mar 03 |  England

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