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Last Updated:  Saturday, 15 March, 2003, 10:54 GMT
Village celebrates cow's 21st
Russell has a card for the birthday girl
An animal lover has invited the whole of his village to a 21st birthday party for his pet cow.

Russell Cowling, 38, from Swinefleet, near Goole, is holding the bash for his heifer, known as "Owd Cow".

He bought her for 27 from a cattle market when she was just a day old.

Since then, Russell says she has become "part of the family".

To mark her 21st, the entire village is invited to a party at Swinefleet Social Club.

Russell said: "It started off as a joke with my mates on the docks.

"They all know I have a cow and when I told them how old she was, someone suggested throwing a party.

"Everybody in the village is invited and there will be a blind auction with people bidding for the cow's presents.

"All the proceeds will go towards the village hall which is in need of repair."

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