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Last Updated:  Thursday, 13 March, 2003, 13:27 GMT
Hundreds tested in murder hunt
murder scene
The pensioner was sexually assaulted and murdered
About 1,000 men have given DNA samples to detectives hunting the killer of a pensioner who was murdered in her home.

Gladys Godfrey, 87, was sexually assaulted and beaten to death on Mansfield's Ladybrook Estate, Nottinghamshire in September 2002.

Police say they have a DNA profile of the killer, which they hope will help them track him down.

But despite the DNA matching and an appeal on BBC's Crimewatch they still do not know who killed the pensioner.

Voluntary database

Brent Wilson, 42, a local resident who was eliminated from the enquiry after the DNA testing, says he thinks a local DNA databank should be established.

"This man has already committed the crime and he is not going to be volunteering his DNA," Mr Wilson said.

"But if we could get people to volunteer their DNA, it would eliminate so many people."

Mr Wilson said if people agreed to a voluntary database, it would act as a deterrent as well as help to eliminate people more quickly.

A national DNA database already exists, but it only stores information about known criminals.

Mrs Godfrey, who lived alone in a bungalow, had been sexually attacked on a previous occasion in her home.

Police say the two attacks may be linked.

Family appeal over murdered aunt
08 Nov 02 |  England

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