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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 12 March, 2003, 15:32 GMT
Bat droppings 'damage churches'
British Bat
'Bats are being pushed out of their habitats'
Bat droppings are being blamed for damaging churches in Herefordshire.

Catherine Ward, a retired vicar's wife, has set up the Movement Against Bats in Churches to try and combat the problem.

Mrs Ward, from Ledbury, claims Herefordshire's historic churches are being damaged due to chemical erosion caused by bat droppings.

She says she feels the law is too protective over bats - and more should be done to protect old churches.

But the English Nature Trust says bats are being pushed out of their habitats as a result of a shortage of insects and people blocking up holes in their roofs.

Mrs Ward says the animals are ruining wall paintings, pews and wood carvings.

Members of the trust are hoping to come up with an ideal solution to the problem.

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