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Last Updated:  Tuesday, 11 March, 2003, 12:30 GMT
Supermarket tannoy used to fight crime
Shoppers at the Tesco Metro store in Broadmead could soon be doing their bit for crime prevention.

Police plan to broadcast crime prevention messages on the store's tannoy system.

In a pilot project, two sets of three short messages are being recorded for broadcast from 17 March onwards.

The messages will predominantly be about crime prevention - like reminding shoppers not to leave handbags in unattended trolleys.

Expanded pilot

There will also be messages promoting the Crimestoppers number.

A police spokesperson said: "Broadcasting brief messages on the tannoy system is an extremely effective way to reach a large number of people.

"The store manager has told us they attract around 50,000 customers every week," she added.

The project is being run for a month and, if successful, could be expanded.


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