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Last Updated:  Sunday, 9 March, 2003, 11:27 GMT
Pupil power bans teachers' mobiles
A mobile phone
Teachers will have to turn off mobiles at school
Primary school pupils in Dorset have banned teachers from using mobile phones during lessons.

Children at Stourfield Junior School in Bournemouth came up with the new rules on mobile phones which were then accepted by governors and headteacher David Nayler.

"Children can make incredibly well-informed decisions when you give them an opportunity to debate in a sensible way," said Mr Nayler.

It is not one rule for the children and another for staff, however - all pupils must get permission to bring their phones to school and even then they are locked away during lessons.

'Good ideas'

Mr Nayler said he was a strong believer in involving children in decision-making.

"The answer, I feel strongly, is to give children an appropriate level of responsibility.

"Children have much more of a sense of loyalty, involvement and responsibility for their school if they are involved."

The school council, to which Stourfield's 420 pupils elect two representatives from each class, has now turned its attention to an overhaul of lunchtime prayers.

"The council has come up with some really good ideas about how we can make it more relevant, more interesting and involve them more," said Mr Nayler.

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