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Last Updated:  Thursday, 6 March, 2003, 16:28 GMT
Gumbusters blast city streets
High pressure jets
An extra 268 bins will be provided as part of the clean-up in the city
A sum of 50,000 is being spent in Brighton to rid the streets of chewing gum in time for summer.

Brighton and Hove City Council is using high pressure water jets to remove gum from pavements and street furniture.

Councillor Bob Morley said: "People do find it unpleasant and people do find it unsightly.

"There are people who bring up the question of hygiene too and there is a question there because it has been spat out onto the floor."

Chewing gum should be banned
Richard Andrews, campaigner against chewing gum
The gum removal is part of a major clean up of the city which will include the provision of 268 extra bins to prevent litter and keep the streets cleaner.

In January Canterbury City Council spent 30,000 on cleaning gum from pavements.

A group in the city specifically campaigns to keep gum off the streets.

Anti-chewing gum campaigner Richard Andrews staged a protest in Canterbury last year about the mess it leaves.

Responsible disposal promoted

He said: "Chewing gum should be banned, totally banned.

"That being a probable impossibility it should be heavily taxed - on sale at the price of a packet of cigarettes."

But in a statement the country's biggest chewing gum producer, Wrigley's, said: "Twenty-five million people chew gum in the UK and gain benefits from relieving stress to improving oral health."

Wrigley's said the vast majority throw it away properly but the company sponsors many initiatives promoting responsible disposal of gum and other litter.

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