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Last Updated:  Thursday, 6 March, 2003, 11:26 GMT
Humps lowered for hearses
Speed hump
Hearses have been stranded on the speed humps
Speed humps are being lowered by an inch in Liverpool because funeral cars keep getting stuck on them.

Funeral directors complained to the city council after some hearses were left stranded on the "sleeping policemen".

The council has now agreed to fund a rolling programme to address the problem.

Funeral cars and limousines have been affected by the higher ramps because they are designed with lower axles and wider wheel bases.

Richard Jenkins, president of the Liverpool Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors, said the humps caused distress to mourners.

We have had incidents where the limo has scraped every hump on the way to church
Richard Jenkins, Liverpool Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors
He said: "Funerals are obviously a very sensitive time and it can be distressing for people to be asked to walk to the end of their road before getting in the limousine.

"We plan our routes very carefully to reduce the number of humps but they are often unavoidable.

"We have had incidents where the limo has scraped every hump on the way to church."

Mr Jenkins has campaigned for the height of the humps to be reduced from four inches to three.

A council spokesman said: "In the early 1990s people were asking for speed humps and the official advice was to make them 100mm in height.

"Later advice showed you could make them 75mm high and it would have the same effect on cars.

"We will replace them but it will be a rolling programme over 10 to 15 years.

"We have an annual budget of 75,000 for speed humps and we have to strike a balance between building new ones where residents have asked for them and replacing the older, higher ones."


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