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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 5 March, 2003, 09:45 GMT
Council fears danger vodka on sale
Bottles of Imperial Valkonov vodka
Rotherham Borough Council fear the vodka may be on sale
A brand of vodka which may be on sale in the Rotherham area could contain levels of methanol so high it makes people go blind.

Trading Standards and Environmental Health officials in the area are warning anyone who may have bought Imperial Valkonov Vodka not to drink it.

The origin of the vodka is not known, and the council do not know where the bottles are on sale.

But what they do know is that levels of methanol in the drink can cause abdominal pain, breathing difficulties and even blindness.

Symptoms of the poisoning may be delayed for a number of hours and anyone who has drunk the vodka should seek medical advice.

Rotherham Borough Council is asking for help in tracing bottles of the drink and anyone who sees the label should contact the council.


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