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Last Updated:  Tuesday, 4 March, 2003, 11:53 GMT
Corrie killer voted top soap villain
Coronation Street
An audience of 17.5 million tuned in to see Richard confess his crime
Coronation Street serial killer Richard Hillman has been voted the top soap villain of all time.

Tricky Dicky's evil crimes shot him to the top of a list which included Brookside husband from hell Trevor Jordache and EastEnders wife beater Trevor Morgan.

Richard Hillman was even voted a bigger soap baddie than JR Ewing from Dallas in the TV Times poll.

Hillman, played by Brian Capron in the Manchester soap, murdered Maxine, bludgeoned Emily with a crowbar, killed ex Tricia with a shovel to the head and left business partner Duggie to die.

TV Times' top soap villains
1. Richard Hillman - Coronation Street
2. JR Ewing - Dallas
3. Phil Mitchell - EastEnders
4. Trevor Jordache - Brookside
5. Kim Tate - Emmerdale
6. Trevor Morgan - EastEnders
7. Alan Bradley - Coronation Street
8. Cindy Beale - EastEnders
9. Barry Grant - Brookside
10. Graham Clarke - Emmerdale

An audience of 17.5 million tuned in last week to see him finally confess his crimes to his shocked wife Gail.

But his reign of terror has not ended yet - Hillman heads back to Weatherfield this week and takes his family on a terrifying drive which ends with their car plunging into the icy waters of the local canal.

The poll, in which a panel of TV Times experts voted, rated soap baddies according to the wickedness of their crimes.

In second place was Dallas oil baron JR Ewing, played by Larry Hagman, who became the first TV villain viewers loved to hate.

EastEnders hard man Phil Mitchell was third, followed by Trevor Jordache, who ended up buried under the patio in Brookside Close.

Only two women make the list: Emmerdale's Kim Tate, who taunted husband Frank into having a heart attack then watched him die and Cindy Beale, whose crimes in Albert Square included hiring a hitman to kill husband Ian.

Coronation Street has another baddie on the list - Alan Bradley, who terrorised wife Rita and met a grisly end underneath a Blackpool tram, in one of the soap's best-remembered scenes.

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