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Last Updated:  Saturday, 1 March, 2003, 15:17 GMT
Anti-war demo attracts thousands
Demonstrators in Birmingham
There were fewer demonstrators than expected
Around 2,000 people have taken part in an anti-war demonstration in Birmingham city centre.

The rally comes two weeks after a massive demo in London attended by more than one million people opposed to possible military action in Iraq.

Organisers of Saturday's demonstration in Birmingham, the Stop War Coalition, had been hoping for around 4,000 to turn up and show their support for the Stop War Coalition.

The rally began in Birmingham's Centenary Square and wound its way through local streets in the city.

'Politician propaganda'

Hundreds of banners proclaimed Tony Blair and George Bush were the real criminals while one of the most common placards said "No War for Oil".

The Labour MP for Selly Oak, Lynn Jones, was among those attending the rally.

She urged Tony Blair to look carefully at whether the case for war has been proved.

"I think the prime minister has convinced himself this war is morally justified," she said.

"It is very dangerous when politicians believe their own propaganda and the case for war is akin to propaganda."

She added: "There is no clear evidence Saddam Hussein is a clear threat."

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