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Last Updated:  Friday, 21 February, 2003, 13:57 GMT
Lost cat's marathon journey
A lost cat has been found after somehow travelling 134 miles from home.

Susan Goodman, of Derby, lost her cat Thomas two weeks ago.

The RSPCA has confirmed the cat was found in Bristol on Tuesday.

The six-month-old cat is reportedly safe and well, but is yet to be reunited with Ms Goodman.

"We had a call from the owner to report her cat as missing and entered the details on our register of lost pets," said an RSPCA spokeswoman.

"But since then, we have been told that the pet has been discovered in Bristol."

'Shock and relief'

The cat vanished two weeks ago from Mrs Goodman's home in Moss Street, Derby, and was discovered on Tuesday in the Kingswood area of Bristol.

He was found roaming streets by a local woman, who checked the pet's collar tag and telephoned Mrs Goodman.

Mrs Goodman said she was "shocked and relieved" to hear Thomas had been found.

The cat went missing after being let out into the back yard.



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11 Feb 03 |  England

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