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Last Updated:  Thursday, 20 February, 2003, 14:23 GMT
BBC calls off nude interview
Steve Gough
Nude rights campaigner Steve Gough is well-known locally
A radio interview between veteran DJ John Peel and a nude rights campaigner was called off after the interviewee refused to cover up.

Bosses at BBC South asked their guest, Steve Gough, to put some clothes on because they thought he may offend some members of staff.

Mr Gough, 43, had cycled five miles to the BBC offices in Southampton from his home in Eastleigh dressed in nothing but open-toed sandals.

The naturist, who is well-known locally, said that covering up would defeat the object of his campaign to be accepted in his birthday suit.

A producer from London phoned and tried to persuade me but I said that defeats the point
Steve Gough

Mr Gough had been welcomed by the receptionists at the BBC and given a name badge and a cup of tea to warm himself up after his journey to the premises on Wednesday.

He was due to do a Radio 4 interview via a link to John Peel in London for the show Home Truths.

But it was while he was in reception that he was asked to cover up.

Mr Gough explained: "I was having a cup of tea and a guy came and said I had to walk through an office and would I mind covering up.

Police arrest

"I said 'can you not give a warning', and then a debate ensued" he said.

"A producer from London phoned and tried to persuade me but I said that defeats the point.

"I do not believe there is anything wrong with my body and I said covering up because people were offended is their problem."

It was then that the interview was called off.

A spokeswoman for Radio 4 said: He arrived naked in our reception and then expected to walk through various offices to the studio" she explained.

"We judged that he might have caused offence to some of our staff and asked him to cover up but he refused."

Father-of-two Mr Gough was then arrested by Hampshire police when he arrived home.

He was released on bail to return on 26 February.



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