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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 19 February, 2003, 12:13 GMT
Beaming Bristolians top smile league
Two people smiling
Only Glasgow comes close to Bristol's happiness levels
People from Bristol are the friendliest in Britain, according to a recent Comic Relief survey.

Their "smiles per hour census" found that 70 out of every 100 Bristolians returned a smile from Comic Relief researchers.

Edinburgh came lowest, with only 4% of respondents beaming back.

The study, commissioned ahead of Red Nose Day on 14 March, was conducted by a team of 28 psychology students from universities in the cities surveyed.

Smile Census /100
Bristol - 70
Glasgow - 68
Exeter - 54
Manchester - 54
Wrexham - 42
Cardiff - 41
Liverpool - 41
Norwich - 35
Newcastle - 32
Birmingham - 31
Southampton - 24
London - 18
Nottingham - 12
Edinburgh - 4

Bristol comedian Tony Robinson said: "We do smile a lot in the city, but sometimes it is not really a smile - we are just a little bit constipated."

Andrew Kelly, in charge of Bristol's bid to become the City of Culture, 2008, said: "It's no surprise that Bristol's the smiliest city.

"We know how to party, it's a lovely city in which to work, and we have fun every day of the week. And as the home of Wallace and Gromit, and Cary Grant we make the world smile, as well as ourselves.

"Being nice - and smiling often - is a good basis for being capital of culture."

Dr Pat Spungin, the social psychology expert who led the research, added that smiling was partly "determined by social setting and context".

Remarking on London's low score, Dr Spungin said: "With a mixed and mobile population of seven million, it is difficult to feel a sense of community with other Londoners."



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