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 Sunday, 22 December, 2002, 10:44 GMT
Top ten criminal arrests listed
Ronnie and Reggie Kray
Ronnie and Reggie Kray were given life for murder
The Kray twins, Dr Crippen and Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe feature on a new list of the "top ten" arrests by British police.

The list, released to coincide with the 110th anniversary of Police Review, lists notorious criminals from the past 110 years.

Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen - the first criminal to be arrested following an alert raised by a wireless message - tops the list.

The most recent arrest on the list comes at number ten - the gang of four who attempted to steal priceless diamonds from the Millennium Dome in south London.

Peter Sutcliffe
Sutcliffe was arrested on a routine patrol
Dr Crippen was convicted of murdering his wife in 1910 and was hanged in Pentonville prison in London.

The American-born doctor tried to escape to Canada with his lover, Ethel Le Neve, but was caught when the captain on his ship recognised him and reported him to Scotland Yard.

Second place on the list goes to Leicestershire baker Colin Pitchfork, who killed two schoolgirls in 1983 and 1986.

Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen
Colin Pitchfork
John Christie
Peter Sutcliffe
Donald Neilson
Ronald and Reginald Kray
The Great Train Robbers
John Haigh
Edwin Bush
The Millennium Dome Robbery
He was the first British criminal to be arrested and charged using DNA fingerprinting.

Notorious serial murderer John Christie earns third place on the chart.

When police searched 10 Rillington Place in Notting Hill, west London after his arrest in 1953, they discovered the bodies of three women in a bricked-up pantry, his wife's corpse under the floorboards and human bones in the garden.

He was convicted of a sample murder charge and hanged.

Three years earlier one of his neighbours, Timothy Evans, was wrongly hanged for the murder of his wife and child - crimes which it later turned out Christie had committed.

Great Train Robbery
The Great Train Robbers left the driver badly injured

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, who stood trial at the Old Bailey on 5 May 1981, accused of 13 murders, is in fourth place on the list.

His conviction led to the setting up of the Holmes database, which enables forces to share information.

Donald Neilson, nicknamed the Black Panther, was arrested in 1976 by two officers "just doing their job".

Neilson had kidnapped and murdered teenager Lesley Whittle in 1975.

Sixth place in the chart goes to the infamous Kray twins.

Sulphuric acid

In the 1960s the brothers headed a criminal empire in London's East End.

The Great Train Robbers, who appear at number seven, were caught at a farmhouse hideout by Scotland Yard and received sentences totalling 300 years.

The masked gang of 20 had stopped and robbed a Glasgow to London mail train in 1963, making off with 2.6m.

Eighth place in the chart goes to John Haigh, who was hanged in Wandsworth prison in London in 1949, and who was famous for using a drum of sulphuric acid to dissolve his victims' bodies.

He was convicted of murdering widow Olive Durand-Deacon after her dentures and gallstones survived the acid bath.
Millennium Dome robbery
The diamonds in the Dome were replaced with fakes

An antique shop owner, Edwin Bush, was arrested in 1961 after police used the first Identikit picture to track him.

Bush stabbed Elsie May Batten to death in Charing Cross Road, London, using an antique dagger.

Finally, one of the police's most recent successes is placed at number ten on the chart.

The Metropolitan police's Flying Squad foiled a plan to rob the Millennium Dome of priceless diamonds.

More than 100 officers were at the Dome to greet the gang when they smashed in, using a JCB digger in November 2000.

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