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 Tuesday, 10 December, 2002, 14:19 GMT
Coronation Street star's 999 call
John Savident
John Savident is best known as butcher Fred Elliot
Coronation Street star John Savident looked uncomfortable in the witness box as the tape of his 999 call was played in court.

Mr Savident was giving evidence back in September at the trial of Michael Smith, the 30-year-old sentenced on Tuesday to seven years for stabbing the actor in his home.

Here are extracts from the 999 call played at Manchester Crown Court.

Operator: "You are through to the ambulance. Tell me your telephone number."
Mr Savident: "I've been stabbed. (Tells them phone number)"
Operator: "Where?"
Savident: "Rozel Square. That's M5. Near Granada studios.
Operator: "Where have you been stabbed, love?"
Savident: "I don't know but I'm dying."
Operator: "Where is the wound?"
Savident: "I don't know."
Operator: "Where is the pain?"
Savident:"In the neck. I am covered in blood."
Operator: "How old are you?"
Savident: "I'm 62 and I think he is coming back."
Operator: "The attacker?"
Savident: "Yes."
Operator: "Do you know the attacker?"
Savident: "No."
Operator: "When did this happen?"
Savident: "Ten minutes, quarter of an hour ago."

The Coronation Street star then begins mumbling as he gradually loses strength.

Savident: "I cannot see him. I am passing out. He has got all my keys."
Operator: "Stay on the phone to me."
Savident: "I know I have been stabbed in the neck."
Operator: "Is there anybody else with you?"
Savident: "No."
Operator: "Can you tell us if there is more than one wound?"
Savident: "No."
Operator: "You say there is a lot of blood?"
Savident: "Yeah."
Operator: "You think the attacker may be coming back?"
Savident: "Yeah."
Operator: "I'm going to stay on the phone."
Savident: "I have locked the door. He has got my keys but I have put the lock on... Chain type."
Operator: "What's your name?"
Savident: "John Savident. S-A-V-I-D-E-N-T. I can hear him. I think he is coming back."
Operator: "Stay on the phone with me, John."
Savident: "He is saying he is schizo. He said he is schizophrenic. He is trying to get in. He is trying to get in."
Operator: "Tell me if he gets into the room."
Savident: "He is trying to bang the door down."
Operator: "The police know all the details."
Savident: "He is here now. He is banging on the door and is trying to get in."
Operator: "You have locked the door, haven't you?"
Savident: "Yes, but it's not very good... He will kill me. He said he would. Yeah, he is here now."
Operator: "Is he in the flat?"
Savident: "I think he is."
Operator: "Stay on the phone."
Savident: "I will."


Savident: "What is important, you have got to keep this out of the papers.
Operator: "Right, don't worry about anything like that. Let's just take care of yourself, OK?"
Savident: "I'm John Savident."
Operator: "Sorry?"
Savident: "I'm John Savident, I play Fred Elliott in Coronation Street, so the Sun and the News of the World and all these people..."
Operator: "Right, well don't worry about that. We're going to worry about your health first of all. Try to keep your breath nice and even. The police know all the details and they are coming as soon as possible."
Savident: "I think he is giving up."
Operator: "You cannot hear him any more?"

(Pause. Savident can be heard mumbling. Mentions his car).

Operator: "Is there anything stuck in any of your wounds?"
Savident: "Just the knife."
Operator: "Is the knife stuck in the wound?"
Savident: "No. He has taken that."
Operator: "You say this happened about 15 minutes ago?"
Savident: "Longer than that."
Operator: "The police know all the details and are almost with you."
Savident: "What time is it?"
Operator: "It's ten to four in the morning."

(Pause. Savident mumbling).

Operator: "Are you lying on the floor?"
Savident: "At the moment, yes."
Operator: "What room are you in?"
Savident: "I'm in the front room."


Operator: "Have you been out tonight?"
Savident: "Yes.... charity function"
Operator: "Which charity?"
Savident: "Lesbian and Gay Foundation."
Operator: "Was it a good night?"
Savident: "I went to a club after that."
Operator: "Which club, because I know..."
Savident: "Napoleon's."
Operator: "Is this where you met this gentleman?"
Savident: "Friend of the owner."
Operator: "Just stay on the line."

(Knocking at the front door. Other voices can be heard outside).

Operator: "It sounded like a female voice, that. It might be a police woman."
Savident: "I wish they would identify themselves."
Operator: "The ambulance is almost with you. It is outside but they have to approach with caution. You are safe now."
Savident: "I can hear voices. I will open the door. If they identify themselves I will try to get the lock... Someone is banging at the door. Who is it?"

(Voices heard in the background).

Operator: "Don't worry, John. We will not go away."
Operator: "You heard the front door close?"
Savident: "Yeah."
Operator: "I have just told them to shout at the door. It was them knocking. Can you make it to the door, John?"
Savident: "I will do my best."
Operator: "Do you want the police to break in?"
Savident: "No. I will try to get to the door."
Operator: "Do not do it if you cannot do it."

(Savident asks if the police will come in through the French windows at the front of his flat).

Operator: "They will not come up a ladder."
(In background)
Savident: "Who's that?"
Answer: "The police"
Savident: "Be patient."
Voice: "Do you want us to force the door?"
Savident: "No. No. No."

(End of tape).

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