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Friday, 13 September, 2002, 17:41 GMT 18:41 UK
Millwall riot stockbroker jailed
Suspects from the Millwall riots - numbered video shots were issued by police after the violence.
Stone had pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing
A stockbroker has been jailed for two years after being caught throwing missiles at police during a riot which erupted at a football match between Millwall and Birmingham City last season.

Ian Stone, 24, of Rotherhithe, south-east London, was also seen brandishing a large plank of wood as his face "contorted with rage" after the Division One play off game on 2 May this year.

Woolwich Crown Court heard that Stone, who pleaded guilty to violent disorder at an earlier hearing, was one of 900 hooligans who pelted police with missiles outside Millwall's New Den ground in Bermondsey.

More than 100 police officers were injured, many seriously, in the violence which was described by the Metropolitan Police as some of the worst London had ever seen.

Ian Stone
Stone was one of about 900 hooligans

Appearing for sentencing alongside Stone were Paul Healy, 20, an air-conditioning and ventilation engineer, from Bromley in Kent, and John Manzaroli, a 25-year-old warehouseman, from Fulham, west London.

Healy was given a two-year sentence at a young offender's institution while Manzaroli was also jailed for two years for his part in the violence.

Both had admitted single counts of violent disorder at a court hearing in July.

Sentencing all three, Judge Michael Carroll said the court "cannot allow these acts of violence to go unpunished" and that their response to Millwall's defeat had been a "complete over-reaction".

Fall from grace

Turning to Stone, who works for HSBC, Judge Carroll said: "You have the further from grace to fall in relation to your career and privileges that you have worked hard for."

But he added: "You were heavily involved in this, you were carrying this wood around, you handed a traffic cone to another person who clearly intended throwing it at police and you yourself threw a small missile as well."

Also sentenced on Friday for their part in the riot were Nicky Rowsell, 20, from Bermondsey, and David Grimwade, 22, of Plumstead.

Rowsell was sentenced to 27 months in a Young Offender Institution while Grimwade, a former soldier and son of a retired police officer, was jailed for 30 months. Both had pleaded guilty to single counts of violent disorder.

Worse than Brixton

A police spokeswoman said Friday's court appearances had brought the total number of sentences handed down for the riot to 17. She said a further 21 people were due in court over the violence.

Outside the court Detective Inspector Bob Campany said it was "the worst football violence in my living memory. It was an attack on the community and the police."

He added: "There was destruction on a large scale and 150 cops were injured, some of whom are still off sick.

"I was in the 1981 riots and the attack on police was more serious than those riots in Brixton in my opinion."

All five men were also given orders banning them from football matches for eight years.

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