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The best GCSE-level results in school league tables

This page shows the 100 schools in England in which 100% of the pupils at the end of Key Stage 4 achieved the Level 2 threshold - equivalent to five GCSEs at grade C or above - including English and maths GCSEs in 2009.

The APS column shows the average points per student. CVA shows the schools' contextual value added scores - a measure of children's progress in the school.

The letters after each school's name show what type it is, any specialism, its admissions policy and whether it has a Boys, Girls or Mixed intake.

Smaller schools with fewer than 30 pupils eligible to take the exams are not included.

Name, area TYPE APS CVA
Invicta Grammar School, Kent CY B&E,L SEL GIRLS 764.5 1026.2
Dartford Grammar School for Girls, Kent FD SC,M&C SEL GIRLS 747.4 997.3
Colyton Grammar School, Devon FD SC,LEPP,LPS SEL MIXED 738.5 1035.1
Newstead Wood School for Girls, Bromley FD E,L SEL GIRLS 724.6 1004.6
Heckmondwike Grammar School, Kirklees FD T,L,TS SEL MIXED 689.9 1014.3
Austin Friars St Monica's, Cumbria IND MIXED 684.8 -
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls, Birmingham VA M&C,L SEL GIRLS 673.8 1006
South Wilts Grammar School for Girls, Wiltshire FD M&C,SC SEL GIRLS 652.2 1014.2
The Tiffin Girls' School, Kingston upon Thames FD M&C,L SEL GIRLS 650 1007.6
Wolverhampton Girls' High School, Wolverhampton FD L,LEPP SEL GIRLS 649 1001.4
Colchester Royal Grammar School, Essex FD SC,L SEL BOYS 646 1015.5
Newport Girls' High School, Telford and Wrekin CY M&C,SC SEL GIRLS 642.4 1016.7
Nonsuch High School for Girls, Sutton FD SC,L SEL GIRLS 639.5 1013
King Edward VI Aston School, Birmingham VA Sp,LPS SEL BOYS 637 1001.9
Colchester County High School for Girls, Essex FD SC,L,LEPP SEL GIRLS 636.7 998.6
King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford, Essex FD SC,L,LEPP SEL BOYS 635.9 1009
Wilson's School, Sutton VA M&C,A SEL BOYS 630.1 1026.1
The Henrietta Barnett School, Barnet VA Mu SEL GIRLS 616 1011.4
St Olave's and St Saviour's Grammar School, Bromley VA M&C,SC SEL BOYS 615.5 1014.4
Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls, Birmingham CY SC,LPS SEL GIRLS 612.8 1002.1
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle, Lincolnshire FD SC,L SEL MIXED 612.1 998
Westcliff High School for Girls, Southend on Sea FD E,SC SEL GIRLS 611.6 1002.7
The Swaminarayan School, Brent IND MIXED 609 -
Queen Mary's Grammar School, Walsall VA L,B&E SEL BOYS 608.9 1011.4
Reading School, Reading FD H,SC SEL BOYS 606.5 1024.6
Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet, Barnet FD Mu,TS SEL BOYS 602.9 1014
Beths Grammar School, Bexley FD T,L,LPS SEL BOYS 601.9 1004.2
Bournemouth School for Girls, Bournemouth FD H,SC SEL GIRLS 601.2 990.4
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys, Birmingham VA SC,AL,H SEL BOYS 597.6 1016.4
St Michael's Catholic Grammar School, Barnet VA L SEL GIRLS 594.5 1016.8
Sutton Grammar School for Boys, Sutton FD SC SEL BOYS 590.6 1009.1
The Leys School, Cambridgeshire IND MIXED 587.5 -
Adams' Grammar School, Telford and Wrekin VA T,L,TS SEL BOYS 585.5 1022
Wallington County Grammar School, Sutton FD SC,AL SEL BOYS 582.8 1012.1
The Blue Coat School, Liverpool VA SC SEL MIXED 580.7 1002.3
Royal Latin School, Buckinghamshire VC SC,TS SEL MIXED 580.6 1008.1
Caistor Grammar School, Lincolnshire FD Sp,H SEL MIXED 579.1 1004.3
Dr Challoner's Grammar School, Buckinghamshire FD SC,L,LEPP SEL BOYS 572.9 1027.2
Westonbirt School, Gloucestershire IND MIXED 572.6 -
Wimbledon High School, Merton IND GIRLS 571.4 -
Cranbrook School, Kent VA SC,L,TS SEL MIXED 569.9 1025.2
The Crypt School, Gloucestershire FD SC,L SEL BOYS 568.4 1004.6
St Mary's School Ascot, Windsor and Maidenhead IND GIRLS 567.3 -
Pate's Grammar School, Gloucestershire VA L,SC SEL MIXED 566.9 1012.7
Sidcot School, North Somerset IND MIXED 566.1 -
Tormead School, Surrey IND GIRLS 563 -
Dover Grammar School for Girls, Kent CY H SEL GIRLS 560.6 1030.2
Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School, Kent FD Mu SEL GIRLS 558.6 1012.5
Tiffin School, Kingston upon Thames VA A,L SEL BOYS 550.4 1012.9
Shrewsbury High School, Shropshire IND MIXED 550.2 -
The Royal School, Surrey IND GIRLS 549.2 -
High School for Girls, Gloucestershire CY L,SC SEL GIRLS 548 1005.8
Bishop's Stortford College, Hertfordshire IND MIXED 546.3 -
Clitheroe Royal Grammar School, Lancashire FD L SEL MIXED 545.1 1006.7
Putney High School, Wandsworth IND GIRLS 542.6 -
King's College, Somerset IND MIXED 541.1 -
Oakwood Park Grammar School, Kent FD M&C,AL SEL BOYS 540.6 1010.2
Aylesbury High School, Buckinghamshire CY L,TS SEL GIRLS 539.9 1005.2
Westcliff High School for Boys, Southend on Sea FD H,SC SEL BOYS 539.1 1009
Bishop Wordsworth's Grammar School, Wiltshire VA L,SC SEL BOYS 539.1 1013.3
King Edward VI School, Warwickshire VA H SEL BOYS 538.9 997.5
Benenden School, Kent IND GIRLS 538.7 -
Ashville College, North Yorkshire IND MIXED 536 -
St Albans School, Hertfordshire IND BOYS 534.8 -
St Gabriel's School, West Berkshire IND MIXED 533.1 -
Sir Thomas Rich's School, Gloucestershire CY L,SC,RATL SEL BOYS 532.8 1009.4
James Allen's Girls' School, Southwark IND GIRLS 532.3 -
The Judd School, Kent VA Mu,SC SEL BOYS 531.2 1020.4
Wycombe High School, Buckinghamshire FD M&C SEL GIRLS 530.8 1001.7
Croydon High School, Croydon IND GIRLS 527.7 -
Channing School, Haringey IND GIRLS 527.6 -
Torquay Girls Grammar School, Torbay FD H SEL GIRLS 526.6 997.4
Beaconsfield High School, Buckinghamshire FD T,L,YST SEL GIRLS 524.1 1005.8
Dr Challoner's High School, Buckinghamshire VC Sp,L SEL GIRLS 523.6 1008.1
Manchester High School for Girls, Manchester IND GIRLS 523.4 -
Bradford Grammar School, Bradford IND MIXED 522.7 -
Saint Martin's School, Solihull IND GIRLS 520.4 -
The Rochester Grammar School, Medway FD Mu,M&C SEL GIRLS 518.9 1003.4
Woodford County High School, Redbridge CY SEL GIRLS 518.1 1007.1
Queen Mary's High School, Walsall VA L,M&C SEL GIRLS 510 993.8
Wirral Grammar School for Girls, Wirral CY L,H,SC SEL GIRLS 509.3 998.6
St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School, Slough VA H SEL MIXED 506 1001.6
Bury Grammar School (Girls), Bury IND MIXED 505.6 -
The Latymer School, Enfield VA A SEL MIXED 500.4 1015.7
St Swithun's School, Hampshire IND GIRLS 494 -
King Edward's School, Bath and North East Somerset IND MIXED 491.4 -
Casterton School, Cumbria IND GIRLS 489.9 -
Sydenham High School GDST, Lewisham IND GIRLS 489.7 -
Thetford Grammar School, Norfolk IND MIXED 488.8 -
Birkenhead School, Wirral IND MIXED 487.9 -
Twycross House School, Leicestershire IND MIXED 487.5 -
Luckley-Oakfield School, Wokingham IND GIRLS 487.3 -
Palmers Green High School, Enfield IND GIRLS 485.7 -
Forest School, Waltham Forest IND MIXED 483.8 -
King's High School, Warwickshire IND GIRLS 476.4 -
Talbot Heath School, Bournemouth IND GIRLS 473 -
Hill House School, Doncaster IND MIXED 468.1 -
Northampton High School, Northamptonshire IND GIRLS 464.2 -
Reeds School, Surrey IND BOYS 458.3 -
Tudor Hall School, Oxfordshire IND GIRLS 442.4 -

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