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Student fees around the UK

Fees have been a political battleground across the UK

Tuition fees have created a complex set of different systems for charging students across the United Kingdom.

In England, for the past few years, students have faced means-tested fees up to £3,145 per year (at current levels), to be repaid when students have graduated and are working.

In Scotland, the current arrangement is for no fees to be repaid - following the scrapping last year of a "graduate endowment" that had been paid when students left university.

This applies to Scottish students at universities in Scotland.

In Wales, the means-tested fees are at the same level as England, but for Welsh students at universities in Wales, there is a subsidy that reduces fees to £1,255.

There are debates about whether this subsidy should be means-tested and directed towards those in greatest need.

There is means-tested support to cover fees in Northern Ireland, which are at the same level as England and Wales.

Students from elsewhere in the European Union pay the same fees and are entitled to the same support, if any, as those in the UK nation in which they study.

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