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Colleges that add the most value

This page lists schools and colleges in England with the top 5% Level 3 "contextual value added" scores in 2008.

The measure compares students' exam results with the average attainment of other similar students nationally.

It is based around 1000. The top 5% had a score of 1033.1 and above.

The ranking needs treating with care: small differences may not be significant.

We have included information on the type of schools and a column showing their points per student. Institutions that have now closed are marked X.

Smaller schools, with fewer than 30 students taking the exams, are not ranked.

Name, area TYPE CVA3 APS
Hurtwood House School, Surrey IND M 1102.7 861.9
Cleveland College of Art and Design, Middlesbrough Arts Coll NA 1078.1 1018.6
BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology, Croydon CTC COMP 1075.2 874.4
Hampstead College of Fine Arts and Humanities, Camden IND M 1074 767.6
Prospect School, Reading FD Sp COMP M 1070.9 728.6
Sevenoaks School, Kent IND M 1068.3 1186
Intake High School Arts College, Leeds CY A COMP M 1066.8 753.5
Kenilworth School and Sports College, Warwickshire FD Sp COMP M 1065.6 859.1
Brampton College, Barnet IND M 1064.1 814
d'Overbroeck's College The Swan Building, Oxfordshire IND M 1063.2 853
Lewisham College, Lewisham Gen FE Coll NA 1058.1 539.1
Nab Wood School, Bradford CY H COMP M 1056.1 628.7
Coombe Boys' School, Kingston-upon-Thames FD M&C MOD M 1055.7 529
Mayfield School, Redbridge FD H, A COMP M 1055.5 657.4
Brooksby Melton College, Leicestershire Gen FE Coll (Special) NA 1055.1 650.6
The Harrodian School, Richmond-upon-Thames IND M 1053.6 812.1
Caterham School, Surrey IND M 1052.8 938.4
Calderdale College, Calderdale Gen FE Coll NA 1052.8 670
Writhlington School, Bath and NE Somerset FD B&E COMP M 1052.6 779.4
Reigate Grammar School, Surrey IND M 1051.6 982.5
Hugh Christie Technology College, Kent FD T, B&E, TS MOD M 1051.6 606.9
Berkhamsted Collegiate School, Hertfordshire IND M 1051.5 913.9
Haileybury and Imperial Service College, Hertfordshire IND M 1051.1 966
The Astley Cooper School, Hertfordshire CY A COMP M 1050.2 602.1
Welbeck, The Defence Sixth Form College, Leicestershire MODFC NA 1049.4 896.5
The City of Leicester College, Leicester CY B&E COMP M 1049.4 737.7
Bryanston School, Dorset IND M 1049.1 846.9
Yehudi Menuhin School, Surrey IND M 1049.1 569
Shooters Hill Post-16 Campus, Greenwich CY NA M 1048.8 545
Welling School, Bexley FD A MOD M 1048.7 514.4
Buckeridge International College, Devon IND M 1048.5 926.3
Mander Portman Woodward, Cambridgeshire IND M 1048.4 885.1
Leighton Park School, Reading IND M 1047.6 774
Lancing College, West Sussex IND M 1046.8 974.9
Bradford Grammar School, Bradford IND M 1046.8 928.1
Loreto College, Manchester Sixth Form Coll NA 1046.7 746.3
St Clement Danes School, Hertfordshire VA L, Sc COMP M 1046.5 715.3
The Grange School, Cheshire IND M 1046.1 1125.8
Preston Manor High School, Brent FD Sc, LePP, RATL COMP M 1046.1 761.2
Framlingham College, Suffolk IND M 1046 914.9
Holmer Green Senior School, Buckinghamshire CY B&E MOD M 1046 678.6
William Morris Sixth Form, Hammersmith and Fulham CY NA M 1045.5 628.3
Bromsgrove School, Worcestershire IND M 1045.2 964
JFS, Brent VA H, RATL COMP M 1045.1 803.6
Kidbrooke School, Greenwich CY A COMP M 1045 621.3
Royal Masonic School for Girls, Hertfordshire IND G 1044.6 845.8
Manor Foundation Business, Enterprise & Sports College, Sandwell FD B&E, Sp COMP M 1044 627.8
The Godolphin and Latymer School, Hammersmith and Fulham IND G 1043.9 1002.1
Acorn Independent College, Ealing IND M 1043.9 767.9
Valentines High School, Redbridge CY T, LePP, TS COMP M 1043.9 764.1
Trent College, Derbyshire IND M 1043.7 823.7
Brentside High School, Ealing FD A COMP M 1043.3 706
St Mary's School, Wiltshire IND G 1042.8 967.1
New Hall School, Essex IND M 1042.6 850.5
Isleworth and Syon School for Boys, Hounslow VC Sp COMP M 1042.5 609.3
Ampleforth College, North Yorkshire IND M 1042.4 865.6
St Luke's Catholic Sixth Form College, Bexley VA NA M 1042.3 585.1
Pendleton College, Salford Sixth Form Coll NA 1042.1 672.6
St Catherine's School, Surrey IND G 1041.9 1087.4
Heston Community School, Hounslow CY A COMP M 1041.7 719.9
St Benedict's School, Ealing IND M 1041.1 815.6
Burnley College, Lancashire Gen FE Coll NA 1041.1 625.9
St Dunstan's College, Lewisham IND M 1040.8 916.8
Lampton School, Hounslow CY H, LePP, TS COMP M 1040.7 712.9
Little Heath School, West Berkshire VA Sc, RATL COMP M 1040.6 722.2
Hampstead School, Camden CY T COMP M 1040.3 666.3
Woodbridge High School, Redbridge CY L, B&E, AL COMP M 1040.3 645.7
Campion School, Northamptonshire CY L COMP M 1040.1 899
The Hewett School, Norfolk CY A COMP M 1040.1 691.1
Bethany School, Kent IND M 1040 728.7
The Mount School, York IND G 1039.3 1010.3
St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College, Kensington and Chelsea Sixth Form Coll NA 1039 617.3
The Isle of Wight College, Isle of Wight Gen FE Coll NA 1038.8 626.3
Colfes School, Greenwich IND M 1038.7 900.6
St Gregory RC High School, Brent VA Sc COMP M 1038.7 725
Clayesmore School, Dorset IND M 1038.5 763.6
Capital City Academy, Brent AC COMP M 1038.5 628.1
Hazelwick School, West Sussex CY T, H COMP M 1038.4 782.5
Stamford School, Lincolnshire IND B 1038.2 852
Jaamiatul Imaam Muhammad Zakaria, Bradford IND G 1038.1 375.8
Gordano School, North Somerset FD T, LePP, TS COMP M 1038 830
Redbridge College, Redbridge Gen FE Coll NA 1038 511.7
The King David High School, Manchester VA M&C COMP M 1037.9 797.5
Guilsborough School, Northamptonshire CY T COMP M 1037.9 768.8
King Edward VII School, Leicestershire CY T, TS COMP M 1037.8 678.3
Cheltenham College, Gloucestershire IND M 1037.6 909.3
The Queen Katherine School, Cumbria FD T COMP M 1037.6 895
St John's School, Surrey IND M 1037.4 859.3
Bradfield College, West Berkshire IND M 1037.3 785.5
Durham Johnston Comprehensive School, Durham CY L COMP M 1037.1 853.1
Cokethorpe School, Oxfordshire IND M 1037.1 754
Wellington College, Bracknell Forest IND M 1037 860.3
West Thames College, Hounslow Gen FE Coll NA 1037 528.5
Mill Hill School Foundation, Barnet IND M 1036.9 805.8
Acland Burghley School, Camden CY A COMP M 1036.8 687.3
Erith School, Bexley FD Sp, M&C COMP M 1036.8 535.7
Cheney School, Oxfordshire CY L COMP M 1036.6 760.6
St George's School, Windsor and Maidenhead IND G 1036.5 883.2
Varndean College, Brighton and Hove Sixth Form Coll NA 1036.4 670.1
Stanmore College, Harrow Tertiary Coll NA 1035.8 708.1
Brighton College, Brighton and Hove IND M 1035.7 955.3
Lytchett Minster School, Dorset FD A, TS COMP M 1035.7 738.3
Silcoates School, Wakefield IND M 1035.6 721.5
St George's School, Hertfordshire VA T COMP M 1035.5 751.3
Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College, Brighton and Hove Sixth Form Coll NA 1035.4 815.1
Newbury College, West Berkshire Gen FE Coll NA 1035.4 625.4
Malvern College, Worcestershire IND M 1035.3 962.9
Hereford Sixth Form College, Herefordshire Sixth Form Coll NA 1035.2 957
St Andrew's Catholic School, Surrey VA M&C COMP M 1035.2 612.2
Finchley Catholic High School, Barnet VA B&E COMP M 1035.1 806.4
Farnborough College of Technology, Hampshire Gen FE Coll NA 1034.9 633.2
Bloxham School, Oxfordshire IND M 1034.6 763.5
The King's School, Worcestershire IND M 1034.1 918.6
Haybridge High School and Sixth Form, Worcestershire FD T, Sp, AL, TS COMP M 1034.1 730.3
Gateway Sixth Form College, Leicester Sixth Form Coll NA 1034 518.7
Howard of Effingham School, Surrey CY Sc, LePP COMP M 1033.6 925.4
St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College, Wandsworth Sixth Form Coll NA 1033.6 708.6
Queensbury School, Bradford CY M&C COMP M 1033.4 766.3
Croydon College, Croydon Gen FE Coll NA 1033.4 619.9
Oakmead College of Technology, Bournemouth CY T MOD M 1033.4 518.7
Blenheim High School, Surrey FD Sc COMP M 1033.3 836.5
Oldham Sixth Form College, Oldham Sixth Form Coll NA 1033.3 711.7
King's College School, Merton IND B 1033.1 1128.5
Queen Elizabeth's Hospital, Bristol IND B 1033.1 866
Ealing Independent College, Ealing IND M 1033.1 750
Hartlepool Sixth Form College, Hartlepool Sixth Form Coll NA 1033.1 746
Lincoln Minster School, Lincolnshire IND M 1033.1 697.5

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