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The best GCSE-level results

This page shows the 94 schools in England in which 100% of the pupils at the end of Key Stage 4 achieved the Level 2 threshold - equivalent to five GCSEs at grade C or above - including English and maths GCSEs in 2008.

The APS column shows the average points per student.

The letters after each school's name show what type it is, any specialism, its admissions policy and whether it has a Boys, Girls or Mixed intake.

Smaller schools with fewer than 30 pupils eligible to take the exams are not included.

Name, area TYPE APS CVA
Lawrence Sheriff School, Warwickshire VA M&C SEL B 792 1023.3
Redland High School For Girls, Bristol IND G 766.2 -
Wolverhampton Girls' High School, Wolverhampton FD L,LePP SEL G 759.6 997.1
Invicta Grammar School, Kent CY B&E SEL G 710 1014.8
Colyton Grammar School, Devon FD Sc,LePP SEL M 703 1025.4
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls, Birmingham VA M&C SEL G 662.9 1004.7
King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford, Essex FD Sc,L,LePP SEL B 659 1016.4
Newport Girls' High School, Telford and Wrekin CY M&C SEL G 637.8 1011.5
St Bede's College, Manchester IND M 629.3 -
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys, Birmingham VA Sc,H SEL B 623.3 1005.9
Colchester County High School for Girls, Essex FD Sc,L,LePP SEL G 620 1006.2
Queen Mary's Grammar School, Walsall VA L,B&E SEL B 616.8 1018
Wilson's School, Sutton VA M&C,A SEL B 614.3 1014.6
Nonsuch High School for Girls, Sutton FD Sc SEL G 613.1 1004.7
The Abbey School Reading, Reading IND G 612.8 -
Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls, Birmingham CY Sc SEL G 603.7 1003.8
Colchester Royal Grammar School, Essex FD Sc SEL B 602.8 1012.5
Lancaster Girls' Grammar School, Lancashire FD T,L,LePP SEL G 601 1007.1
Reading School, Reading FD H SEL B 597 1009.8
The Tiffin Girls' School, Kingston-upon-Thames CY M&C,L SEL G 596.2 1005.8
Chelmsford County High School for Girls, Essex FD T,L,Mu SEL G 595.2 999.6
St Michael's Catholic Grammar School, Barnet VA L SEL G 588.7 1014.7
Sutton Grammar School for Boys, Sutton FD Sc SEL B 587.4 1017
Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet, Barnet FD Mu SEL B 582.4 1011.9
Central Newcastle High School, Newcastle-upon-Tyne IND G 577 -
Dr Challoner's Grammar School, Buckinghamshire FD Sc,L SEL B 577 1018.5
Adams' Grammar School, Telford and Wrekin VA T,L,TS SEL B 574.8 1014.6
Alcester Grammar School, Warwickshire FD A,Sc SEL M 574.6 1003.4
Sir William Borlase's Grammar School, Buckinghamshire VC A SEL M 573.2 1005
Bolton School Girls' Division, Bolton IND G 570.8 -
Wimbledon High School, Merton IND G 569.6 -
Ipswich High School, Suffolk IND G 568.5 -
Manchester High School for Girls, Manchester IND G 568.1 -
The King's School Ely, Cambridgeshire IND M 564.2 -
Stroud High School, Gloucestershire FD Sc SEL G 560.6 1000.7
Blackheath High School, Greenwich IND G 560.2 -
Rugby High School, Warwickshire FD Sc,L SEL G 559.3 993
Pate's Grammar School, Gloucestershire VA L,Sc SEL M 553.2 1007.5
Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School, Kent FD Mu SEL G 553.2 1018.2
Bishop Wordsworth's Grammar School, Wiltshire VA L,Sc SEL B 553.1 1010.2
Torquay Boys' Grammar School, Torbay FD L,B&E SEL B 550.3 1018
Tiffin School, Kingston-upon-Thames VA A SEL B 550.1 1009.7
Kendrick School, Reading FD Sc,L SEL G 549.8 1002.8
Woodford County High School, Redbridge CY SEL G 548.5 1009.1
Downe House School, West Berkshire IND G 548.4 -
St Olave's and St Saviour's Grammar School, Bromley VA M&C,Sc SEL B 547.3 1003.4
Nottingham Girls' High School GDST, Nottingham IND G 545.1 -
James Allen's Girls' School, Southwark IND G 544.2 -
Derby High School, Derby IND M 543.8 -
St Mary's School Ascot, Windsor and Maidenhead IND G 541.1 -
Nottingham High School, Nottingham IND B 539.9 -
The Blue Coat School, Liverpool VA Sc SEL M 537.6 1003.4
Queen Mary's High School, Walsall VA L,M&C SEL G 537 994.9
Cranbrook School, Kent VA Sc,TS SEL M 536.5 1010.3
Dartford Grammar School, Kent FD L,RATL SEL B 533.9 999.6
King Edward VI School, Warwickshire VA H SEL B 532 999.5
Channing School, Haringey IND G 528.6 -
Edgbaston High School for Girls, Birmingham IND G 528.6 -
The Maynard School, Devon IND G 527.8 -
Berkhamsted Collegiate School, Hertfordshire IND M 526.6 -
Highsted Grammar School, Kent FD Sc SEL G 524.8 1006.4
Benenden School, Kent IND G 524.5 -
Croydon High School, Croydon IND G 520.4 -
Clitheroe Royal Grammar School, Lancashire FD L SEL M 520.2 995.1
Old Palace of John Whitgift School, Croydon IND G 519.9 -
Bury Grammar School (Girls), Bury IND M 519.8 -
The Judd School, Kent VA Mu,Sc SEL B 516.6 1010.8
St Francis College, Hertfordshire IND G 515.3 -
Townley Grammar School for Girls, Bexley CY A SEL G 515.2 999.2
Wolverhampton Grammar School, Wolverhampton IND M 507.4 -
Torquay Girls Grammar School, Torbay FD H SEL G 507.3 989.5
The Skinners' School, Kent VA Sc SEL B 506.1 1016.6
Tormead School, Surrey IND G 503.4 -
Beaconsfield High School, Buckinghamshire FD T,L,YST SEL G 503 1001.5
Forest School, Waltham Forest IND M 501.1 -
Lingfield Notre Dame, Surrey IND M 494 -
Urmston Grammar School, Trafford FD Sc,L SEL M 490.1 994.4
Bishop Vesey's Grammar School, Birmingham VA L,TS SEL B 488.3 999
King Edward's School, Bath and NE Somerset IND M 487 -
Ditcham Park School, Hampshire IND M 486.5 -
King's High School, Warwickshire IND G 484.9 -
Notre Dame Senior School, Surrey IND G 484.3 -
Saint Martin's School, Solihull IND G 471.1 -
The King's School, Cheshire IND M 470.8 -
St John's School, Surrey IND B 467 -
Talbot Heath School, Bournemouth IND G 466.6 -
Northampton High School, Northamptonshire IND G 459.1 -
St Albans School, Hertfordshire IND B 458.6 -
Clifton High School, Bristol IND M 456.5 -
Casterton School, Cumbria IND G 455.2 -
Highclare School, Birmingham IND M 452.9 -
Reeds School, Surrey IND B 447.5 -
Jamea Al Kauthar, Lancashire IND G 434.9 -
Lancaster Royal Grammar School, Lancashire VA T,L,M&C SEL B 423.5 994.2

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