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Pupils 'worry about their bodies'

Children are worried about exams and how they look

More children are worried about their bodies than being bullied, according to an annual survey of pupils' well-being.

Some 32% of 150,000 10 to 15 year olds in England polled for Ofsted said their body was something they worried about, compared to 27% for bullying.

The top concern for those polled was exams at 57%, but 49% also said they were worried about their future.

One in six 10 to 15-year-olds reported they got drunk regularly - while a quarter never had an alcoholic drink.

The figure for not taking drugs was 80% in 2007.


Some 16% of children said they had been drunk once, twice or more in the past four weeks this year. This compared with 19% of children in 2007.

However, it is not possible to compare many of the results for drug and alcohol consumption with last year's survey as many of the questions have changed.

There did appear to be some changes to bullying, however, with more children being unhappy with the way their school deals with the issue.

Some 44% said they felt their schools dealt with the issue badly compared with 30% in 2007.

But despite the drive to improve nutritional standards in schools, only 23% of children said they had the requisite five portions of fruit and vegetable every day.

And even though last month ministers claimed 90% of children were doing two hours of school sport or more a week, only 35% said they had done at least 30 minutes of sport three to five times in the last week.

Ofsted said the results indicated that bullying was still a problem and that smoking, drinking and drugs remained concerns.

Nonetheless, the vast majority (69%) said they were happy about life at the moment and 95% said they had one or more good friends.

Ofsted chief inspector Christine Gilbert said: "The survey finds much that is positive in their lives, and encouragingly some things have improved since last year's survey.

"However, more needs to be done to support concerns for those children who do not feel safe in schools, those who are bullied and children who smoke, drink and misuse drugs."

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