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Three sets of twins amass 48 As

Adam and William Davis, Luke and Miles Holbrook and Dale and Lucas Currell
The three sets of twins all attend the same school

Three sets of boy twins from the same school are celebrating after gaining 48 A* and A grade GCSEs between them.

Charles and Adam Davies, Luke and Miles Holbrook and Dale and Lucas Currell from Brighton College reversed the trend of girls doing best.

Alexander Muir and Geoffrey Penington from Abingdon School, Oxfordshire, got 12 A*s at GCSE and two As at AS-level.

Young scientist Jamie Van Hunskerken, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, achieved his first GCSE - aged 10.

Jamie got a grade B in science, along with his mother Daisy. They both studied together at nearby Hopwood Hall College in Middleton.

The fact that we are all twins and are able to share this success together makes it more specia
Miles Holbrook

Jamie first became interested in the subject when he picked up a science book at a car boot sale on holiday.

He said he had found the GCSE quite easy because he had been reading science books for a long time before he did the course.

"I pretty much knew a lot of it already so I didn't have to revise a lot.

"I was a little bit nervous and I was quite excited, especially to get my results."

Jamie took the GCSE course on top of his normal studies at St Edward's Primary School in Castleton, Rochdale.

Another would-be young scientist celebrating GCSE success this year is eight-year-old Aran Mohan of Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire.

He achieved a C in his Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) GCSE after sitting the exam eight years early.

The youngster, who wants to be like Albert Einstein, said: "I wasn't that nervous before I did the exam.

Claire Smee - pic by Luke Temple
Stress used to make Claire lose consciousness

"I thought I could just sit it and see what happened, but when it was over I thought 'I have to get a good result.'"

Aran had extra lessons at Ryde Teaching Services in Watford, along with Virojan Vasanthabavan, who also gained a grade C in ICT and is eight years old as well.

The Surbiton infant is planning to take his maths GCSE in three years' time, at the age of 11.

One of the three triumphant sets of twins, Miles, from Hove, who racked up six A*s and three As, compared his achievement to winning an Olympic gold medal.

"I'm so relieved and the fact that we are all twins and are able to share this success together makes it more special."

He added: "We are not that competitive but we support each other - if one of us is doing revision then the other feels obliged to do the same."

His brother Luke gained nine A*s, while Adam achieved seven A*s and two As,

Charles gained eight A*s and one A, Dale racked up six As and three Bs and Lucas managed one A*, five As, one B and one C.

Fainting fits

Another but quite different sort of GCSE triumph was recorded by 16-year-old Claire Smee, from Horsham, West Sussex, who battled a condition that causes her to lose consciousness when faced by stress.

As a result Claire had to leave school aged 14 and missed quite a lot of her education.

However, thanks to online school Accipio Learning and her own hard work, the youngster has managed to catch up and achieved four A grade and two B grade GCSEs this year.

"The social stress and the educational stress of being at school made me pass out and it was very difficult for me. So leaving school was the right thing for me to do.

"Accipio has meant I have been able to carry on with my learning and get over this difficult time."

She has now overcome the condition and is planning to go on to study four A-levels at college.

Another talented student underwent a major operation to enable her to walk without pain just a few months before her GCSE exams.

Isobel Cafferty, from Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands, has scooped 11 A*s despite missing what amounted to weeks worth of lessons while she recovered.

But within days of her surgery the young student pushed herself to attend school part-time and is now celebrating the best individual performance at her school, King Edward VI Handsworth School in Birmingham.

Big jump in top GCSE exam grades
21 Aug 08 |  Education

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