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Young call for online protection
Children on the net
The children had similar concerns
Ammani,12, from West Yorkshire was one of a group of children from across Europe invited by the European Commission to a conference to talk about children and online safety.

She wrote this report for the BBC News website.

I went to Brussels to take part in a three day European Youth Forum held at the European Commission. There were 27 young people from nine European countries aged between 12 and 19.

The aim of the event was to give recommendations to the government and to industry from a young adult's perspective.

I wanted to go because it sounded exciting and I want to help make a difference, making people my age safer on the internet.

I enjoyed meeting young people from all over Europe and heard lots of different views and opinions.

New technology is advancing quickly and making it harder to stay safe
Ammani, 12

I think the meeting was a success because many important people from industry, the European Parliament and the European Commission came and were willing to listen to our recommendations and answer our questions.

I hope they will take it all into consideration when they are making decisions that affect us.

The questions we asked were about the three topics we decided to talk about - mobiles, social networking and how to raise e-safety awareness.

The questions that came out of this were things like:

  • Why isn't there a "Report Abuse" button on all social networking and chat websites?
  • Why isn't it compulsory to view safety messaging - on a film for example - before signing up for an online profile?
  • Why isn't it the default option that all profiles are made private instead of public to begin with?
  • Although we were from different countries we all had the same concerns and goals.

    We all believe that mobile and internet dangers are serious.

    New technology is advancing quickly and making it harder to stay safe. We think it will be easier to stay safer if our recommendations are used.

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