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Schools that add the most value

This page lists schools in England with the top 5% "contextual value added" scores from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4 in 2007.

The measure compares pupils' exam results with those of other similar pupils nationally who had similar prior attainment.

It is based around 1000. The top 5% in 2007 had a score of 1029.09 and above.

The ranking needs treating with care: small differences may not be significant.

We have included information on the type of schools and a column showing their GCSE-level results (EM).

Smaller schools, with fewer than 30 students taking the exams, are not ranked.

Click on the name of any school for its page in the main tables.

Click here for a fuller explanation of the figures.

Moreton Community School, Wolverhampton CY T M COMP 30% 1090.5
Bartley Green School A Specialist Technology and Sports College, Birmingham CY T, Sp M COMP 48% 1078.7
Park Community School, Hampshire CY A, Sc M COMP 43% 1069.9
Heath Park Business and Enterprise College, Wolverhampton CY B&E M COMP 42% 1069.5
Greenwood Dale School, Nottingham, City of FD T, A, LePP M COMP 51% 1068.6
Phoenix High School, Hammersmith and Fulham CY Sc M COMP 43% 1067.5
Castle Community College, Kent CY Sp M MOD 23% 1066.1
Cowley Language College, St Helens CY L M COMP 38% 1064
Sir John Cass Foundation and Redcoat Church of England Secondary School, Tower Hamlets VA L, B&E M COMP 33% 1063.1
The Canterbury High School, Kent FD Sp M MOD 27% 1063
Joseph Ruston Technology College, Lincolnshire FD T M COMP 13% 1057.6
Wymondham College, Norfolk FD T, L M COMP 90% 1057.5
Newall Green High School, Manchester CY A, Sc, V M COMP 23% 1054.7
Fairfield High School, Herefordshire CY A M COMP 79% 1053.1
St Mary and St Joseph's Catholic School, Bexley VA M COMP 41% 1052.5
Southfields Community College, Wandsworth FD Sp, Ts M COMP 37% 1052.3
Skerton Community High School, Lancashire CY M COMP 28% 1052.1
JFS School, Brent VA H M COMP 84% 1051.8
Northumberland Park Community School, Haringey CY A M COMP 32% 1051.8
The Academy of St Francis of Assisi, Liverpool AC M COMP 16% 1051.6
Notre Dame Catholic College, Liverpool VA A G COMP 29% 1051.4
Culverhay School, Bath and NE Somerset CY M&C B COMP 23% 1050
All Hallows RC Business and Enterprise College, Salford VA B&E M COMP 24% 1049.2
Kelmscott School, Waltham Forest CY H M COMP 36% 1048.7
Morpeth School, Tower Hamlets CY A M COMP 48% 1048.4
Middleton Technology School, Rochdale CY T, V, RATL M COMP 59% 1047.8
Stretford High School, Trafford CY L M MOD 39% 1047.7
Ellis Guilford School and Sports College, Nottingham, City of CY Sp M COMP 30% 1047.7
Challney High School for Boys and Community College, Luton CY Sc B COMP 50% 1047.3
Willowgarth High School, Barnsley CY M COMP 21% 1046.8
Haslingden High School, Lancashire CY A, M&C M COMP 60% 1046.6
Hurworth School, Darlington FD M&C M COMP 81% 1046.5
Deansfield High School, Wolverhampton CY M COMP 31% 1045.3
Battersea Technology College, Wandsworth CY A M COMP 33% 1045
Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate Boys School, Tower Hamlets VA Sp B COMP 38% 1044.7
Feversham College, Bradford VA Sc G COMP 44% 1044.3
Aston Manor School, Birmingham CY T M COMP 28% 1044.3
The Bishop Bell Church of England Mathematics and Computing Specialist School, East Sussex VA M&C M COMP 53% 1044
Wood Green High School College of Sport, Maths and Computing, Sandwell CY Sp, M&C M COMP 53% 1043.8
Kenton School, Newcastle-upon-Tyne CY T, A M COMP 39% 1043.8
Redbridge Community School, Southampton CY Sp M COMP 31% 1043.4
BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology, Croydon CTC M COMP 53% 1042.9
Bellerive FCJ Catholic College, Liverpool VA Sc G COMP 53% 1042.4
Denbigh High School, Luton CY Sp M COMP 43% 1041.8
Loxford School of Science and Technology, Redbridge CY T, L, Ts M COMP 52% 1041.7
Ifield Community College, West Sussex CY M COMP 43% 1041.7
Hillside High School, Sefton CY Sc M COMP 41% 1041.7
Grange School, Oldham CY A, L M COMP 20% 1040.6
The Cardinal Wiseman Roman Catholic School, Ealing VA T, H M COMP 74% 1040.2
Capital City Academy, Brent AC M COMP 23% 1039.9
Tauheedul Islam Girls' High School, Blackburn with Darwen VA G COMP 82% 1039.6
King Solomon High School, Redbridge VA T, H M COMP 49% 1039.5
Ellington School for Girls, Kent CY H G MOD 30% 1039.3
Wade Deacon High School, Halton CY T, M&C M COMP 67% 1039.2
De La Salle Humanities College, Liverpool VA H B COMP 38% 1039.2
Sandhill View School, Sunderland CY A M COMP 23% 1039.1
Dyke House Comprehensive School, Hartlepool CY T M COMP 29% 1038.9
The Ockendon School, Thurrock CY M&C M COMP 34% 1038.7
The Leigh City Technology College, Kent CTC M COMP 24% 1038.7
King James I Community Arts College, Durham CY A M COMP 33% 1038.3
Holte School, Birmingham CY A M COMP 34% 1037.8
Brumby Engineering College, North Lincolnshire CY E M COMP 44% 1037.7
Stoke Damerel Community College, Plymouth, City of CY M&C M COMP 37% 1037.7
Yarborough School, Lincolnshire FD B&E M COMP 37% 1037.7
St Wilfrid's Catholic High School and Sixth Form College, Wakefield VA L, V M COMP 55% 1037.5
Stanley School of Technology, Durham CY T M COMP 34% 1037.4
Ridgeway High School, Wirral CY B&E M COMP 27% 1037.2
The Barnsley Academy, Barnsley AC M COMP 20% 1037.2
Deptford Green School, Lewisham CY H, Ts M COMP 52% 1037.1
St Monica's RC High School Specialist Language College, Bury VA L M COMP 67% 1036.9
Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School, Birmingham VA T M COMP 39% 1036.4
The Swinton High School, Salford CY A M COMP 38% 1035.9
Hasmonean High School, Barnet VA B&E M COMP 84% 1035.6
Hurstmere Foundation School for Boys, Bexley FD Sp B MOD 39% 1035.5
Debenham Church of England Voluntary Controlled High School, Suffolk VC Sc M COMP 77% 1035.4
John Smeaton Community High School, Leeds CY M COMP 28% 1035.4
Stockwell Park School, Lambeth FD B&E M COMP 43% 1034.9
Chestnut Grove School, Wandsworth FD A, Ts M COMP 40% 1034.9
Walthamstow School for Girls, Waltham Forest CY M&C G COMP 63% 1034.8
King Richard Secondary School, Portsmouth CY A M COMP 19% 1034.8
St Thomas More Catholic School, Gateshead VA T, V, Ts, LePP M COMP 66% 1034.5
St Ambrose Barlow Catholic College, Sefton VA Sp M COMP 34% 1034.4
Kingsdale Secondary School, Southwark FD Mu M COMP 27% 1034.3
Helsby High School, Cheshire CY Sc M COMP 76% 1034.2
Robert Clack School, Barking and Dagenham CY Sc M COMP 50% 1033.6
Alderman Peel High School, Norfolk CY Sp M COMP 23% 1033.6
Bacon's College, Southwark CTC M COMP 71% 1033.4
St Augustine's Catholic High School: A Specialist Science College, Worcestershire VA Sc M COMP 65% 1033.4
The Heartlands High School, Birmingham CY Sp M COMP 28% 1033.4
Kingsmeadow Community Comprehensive School, Gateshead CY B&E M COMP 25% 1033.4
Macmillan Academy, Middlesbrough AC M COMP 71% 1033.2
Royal Alexandra and Albert School, Surrey VA Sp M COMP 53% 1033.2
Rhyn Park School, Shropshire CY A M COMP 44% 1033.2
Valley Park Community School, Kent CY A M MOD 41% 1033.1
Malmesbury School, Wiltshire CY A, Sc M COMP 63% 1033
Great Yarmouth (VA) High School, Norfolk VA T M COMP 39% 1032.9
FTC (Foxhills Technology College), North Lincolnshire CY T M COMP 37% 1032.9
Brownhills Maths and Computing College, Stoke-on-Trent CY M&C M COMP 31% 1032.9
The Northicote School, Wolverhampton CY M&C M COMP 28% 1032.8
St Joseph's RC Voluntary Aided Comprehensive School, South Tyneside VA T, V M COMP 55% 1032.7
Selly Park Technology College for Girls, Birmingham CY T, RATL G COMP 40% 1032.7
Wigmore High School, Herefordshire CY M&C M COMP 89% 1032.6
Hodge Hill School, Birmingham CY Sp M COMP 17% 1032.6
St John The Baptist Catholic Comprehensive School, Woking, Surrey VA L M COMP 78% 1032.5
Parkside Community College, Cambridgeshire FD A, L M COMP 67% 1032.5
The North School, Kent CY Sp M MOD 17% 1032.5
The Chadwell Heath Foundation School, Redbridge FD A, M&C M COMP 78% 1032.3
Quintin Kynaston School, Westminster CY T M COMP 55% 1032.3
Bishopsgarth School, Stockton-on-Tees CY M&C M COMP 32% 1032.1
Guru Nanak Sikh Voluntary Aided Secondary School, Hillingdon VA B&E M COMP 73% 1032
The St Marylebone CofE School, Westminster VA A, M&C G COMP 82% 1031.7
Sir John Lawes School, Hertfordshire CY A, Sc, Ts M COMP 75% 1031.7
St Michael's Catholic School, Southwark VA B&E, L, Ts M COMP 41% 1031.6
Bowring Community Sports College, Knowsley CY Sp M COMP 31% 1031.6
The Charles Read High School, Lincolnshire CY M MOD 19% 1031.6
St Bernard's High School and Arts College, Southend-on-Sea VA A G COMP 69% 1031.5
The Westlands School, Kent FD M&C M MOD 40% 1031.5
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Secondary School, Southwark VA L M COMP 78% 1031
Tendring Technology College, Essex FD T M COMP 46% 1031
The Trinity Catholic School, Nottingham, City of VA A, M&C, RATL M COMP 73% 1030.9
Northampton School for Boys, Northamptonshire FD T B COMP 86% 1030.8
St Benedict's Catholic High School, Warwickshire VA M&C M MOD 68% 1030.7
The Giles School, Lincolnshire FD A M MOD 30% 1030.7
Parkside Community College, Plymouth, City of CY T, B&E M COMP 14% 1030.7
Shenley Brook End School, Milton Keynes FD M&C M COMP 51% 1030.6
Nunnery Wood High School, Worcestershire CY Sc M COMP 49% 1030.5
Handsworth Wood Girls' Visual and Performing Arts Specialist College and Sixth Form Centre, Birmingham CY A G COMP 36% 1030.5
Bishop Challoner Catholic School, Birmingham VA Sp, Sc, Ts M COMP 56% 1030.4
Harris Academy Bermondsey, Southwark AC G COMP 32% 1030.3
St Bonaventure's RC School, Newham VA T, L B COMP 64% 1030.2
Wright Robinson Sports College, Manchester CY Sp, A M COMP 33% 1030.2
The City of Lincoln Community College, Lincolnshire CY E M COMP 26% 1030.2
New Brompton College, Medway Towns FD A M MOD 20% 1030.2
Thomas Telford School, Telford and Wrekin CTC M COMP 96% 1030.1
The Broxbourne School, Hertfordshire CY B&E, L M COMP 73% 1030.1
Featherstone High School, Ealing CY Sp, V M COMP 48% 1030.1
St Angela's Ursuline School, Newham VA T, L, LePP, Ts G COMP 80% 1030
The Heathfield Foundation Technology College, Sandwell FD T, Ts M COMP 26% 1029.8
Painsley Catholic College, Staffordshire VA Sc M COMP 67% 1029.7
Oaklands School, Tower Hamlets CY Sc M COMP 56% 1029.7
PEMBEC High School, Wigan CY B&E M COMP 22% 1029.7
Hemsworth Arts and Community College, Wakefield CY A M COMP 50% 1029.6
Hyde Technology School and Hearing Impaired Resource Base, Tameside CY T, V, LePP, Ts M COMP 42% 1029.6
Our Lady and St Chad Catholic Sports College, Wolverhampton VA Sp M COMP 34% 1029.6
Greig City Academy, Haringey AC M COMP 21% 1029.5
Bishop Thomas Grant Catholic Secondary School, Lambeth VA M&C M COMP 48% 1029.4
All Saints Catholic School and Technology College, Barking and Dagenham VA T M COMP 55% 1029.3
Accrington Moorhead High School, Lancashire CY Sp M COMP 24% 1029.2
The Ravensbourne School, Bromley FD A M COMP 46% 1029.1
Harrow High School and Sports College, Harrow CY Sp M COMP 28% 1029.1
The Dearne High School, Barnsley CY H M COMP 20% 1029.1
Withywood Community School, Bristol, City of CY M COMP 14% 1029.1

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